Alright guys, here’s how to get a smaller waist with a broom First you just stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width Then you’re gonna form a triangle with your arms and the broom like this Then you’re gonna put your broom over your head just like this Then you’re gonna lean all the way over until you pull it stretching your side Then you’re gonna come back to the middle you’re gonna pause briefly then you’re gonna do the same things on the other side You can also sit down and do this love handle exercise for men and women but Keep your back straight and do not lean back on the chair Now when you’re doing the best love handle exercise Make sure your arms and shoulders. Do not move Make sure you’re honest a lot in that upside-down triangle The only thing that’s moving in this exercise. Are your love handles or your waist Also do not twist only bend over sideways at the waist and Remember, you don’t have to lean all the way over and touch the broom to the floor like I’m doing Once you put the stretch in your smaller waist Then you stop and come back to the middle and then you can work your way up to touching a broom to the floor To get the best results do two to six sets of fifteen to thirty reps on each side And you only need to do this one to two days per week Now once this gets too easy. to make your waist smaller You can do two three or all fifteen and thirty reps on the same side before you switch over to the other side or You can start using dumbbells But start off with very light three pound dumbbells or less and work your way up