– It’s getting to that time of year when you’re probably having to
do longer miles on your bike and then training throughout your session is going to be necessary. And yes, you do have the
option of pre-packaged bars, gels, energy drinks, et cetera, but have you ever though about
making your own homemade fuel to take with your on your ride? Well, today, we’re gonna be
covering a very simple recipe that doesn’t even involve any baking. I’m going to be making
some raw food energy balls that will provide you with protein, fats, carbohydrates and even
a little bit of fibre. Before we get started, we
should cover very quickly what you need. And yes, no oven is required, but you do need a blender,
a fairly sturdy one, that’s gotta get through
nuts and through dates. Possibly a saucepan if your coconut oil is a little bit hard, ’cause
you’ll want to melt that if it’s somewhere a little bit chilly. Then a board for laying
the balls on afterwards. And some bowls, a tablespoon for measuring and a cup of some sort for measuring your ingredients as well. And now, most importantly,
on to the ingredients. And you’re going to require 100 grammes or half a cup of whole almonds. I personally use ones with the skin on because it’s a little bit more fibre. 100 grammes or half a cup of cashew nuts, then 200 grammes or one cup of dates, preferably medjool dates and
I’ll talk more about those in a moment, then 200 grammes or a cup of raisins or dried apricots,
it’s entirely up to you, four tablespoons of raw cacao powder and then two tablespoons of coconut oil that needs to be a soft consistency so it can mix in with your ingredients and then two and a half
tablespoons of almond butter. And then finally, for rolling your balls, you want a little bit of
spare raw cacao powder or some desiccated coconut. Okay, if you’re somewhere warm, you won’t need to worry about this, but if your coconut oil
is a little bit hard and more like coconut fat then you’re gonna need
to melt it slightly. So I’ve already put this
in a sauce pan, melted it. You don’t want it to be too hot, so just put that to one side once you’re getting everything else ready. Leave that for a moment. And the same for pre-preparation
comes with the dates. Now, I did say ideally medjool dates ’cause they are as they come off the tree. They’re fresh, they’re
not actually a dry fruit which is something I didn’t know. Okay, moving on to the nuts, it’s now time to get blitzing. So I have a half a cup of
cashews and half a cup of almonds in here ready to go and I’m just simply going to
place them into this blender. Now, I personally prefer
to use something like this rather than a Nutribullet or a liquidiser because I find the nuts get a little bit stuck in the bottom if you
are using something like that. (blender whirring) Now obviously, it’s up to you quite how ground you want your nuts, and I have cheated in the
past when I had a blender that was struggling, and I’ve actually used some ground almonds, so they’re pretty much ready-made, but if you can do them, get
a little bit more texture and again, it is your choice. And the thing with nuts, you can mix in some other nuts. Cashews are great for
holding things together ’cause they’re slightly, the texture works really
well in these balls. I use almonds as well, but
you can put in some pecans or walnuts, which are really nutritious. So have a little bit of experimenting. Use what nuts you like, really. Okay, now you’re jut
going to put those nuts back into the bowl and
leave them to one side. You can even add in, if you wanted, some oatmeal or some oats
and then ground them up. Depends on the texture,
but that’s the great thing about these, you can
experiment with what you like. And like I said, which nuts you have, but it’s worth noting,
the drier the mixture, so the more ground it is then the more it’ll absorb liquid-wise, so you might need to compensate with a little more dried fruit or a little bit more coconut oil. It’s only a little bit of an experiment but I promise you, these
quantities, these do work. Gonna leave that to one side now, and then it’s time for the
blender to do some hard work. It’s gonna get through this dried fruit. Now, I have soaked
these dates a little bit so hopefully the blender
will be okay with that, but you don’t really
want to add in any water, so you an always add liquid later but you can’t really take it out, so probably best to strain them first if you’ve got lots of liquid. And I have spent many an hour having to do a few dates at a time when I’ve only had a blender
as opposed to a MagiMix and it was pretty time-consuming
and rather frustrating. So a bit of coconut oil that is actually still melted, just about, and then pour that in. Okay, let’s see if this little machine can cope with these dates. Okay, it was pretty sticky, but I’m gonna add in some
almond butter in a moment, which will hopefully just help the blender finish off with its blending of the fruit. And it doesn’t have to be
to a completely smooth pace, ’cause a little bit of
texture can be quite nice. So now it’s time to add
in the almond butter. And a tip with almond butter, always give it a good stir ’cause quite often, you’ll
find the oil sits on top and you can end up with more oil in your ingredients than you want. So make sure it’s nicely mixed up. (blender whirring)
(light jazzy music) Okay, it looks fine. It actually starts to form
a little bit more of a paste once you’ve added the almond butter, so now it’s time to add
in the raw cacao powder. You can actually get away
without even using any raw cacao powder if you don’t
like the flavour of chocolate or you want to keep them a little bit less on the
sweeter side, I suppose, but when you got the opportunity, why not add a little bit of healthy chocolate flavour, I say. Three tablespoons so far,
but I’m gonna give it a bit of a blend and
see how that comes out. So obviously, we have to add
the nuts back in in a moment. Okay, that looks like a
pretty delicious gooey paste. Now it’s time to add in the nuts and once I’ve added the nuts, I might have to change
the consistency slightly, but we’ll see how it deals with this. (blender whirring)
(light jazzy music) That’s if the blender can cope with it. (blender whirring)
(light jazzy music) Now as you can see, it’s
struggling a little bit. Now, at this stage, if you do have a slightly small machine and you’ve got quite a lot of ingredients, you can always just take
it out into a big bowl and use a spoon and use
a bit of elbow grease to get there. I reckon we can add the rest of that raw cacao powder,
which makes me happy. But that’s why I just
added the three tablespoons to start with because you can then wait a see a little bit as to how the texture is turning out. So, just adding one more spoonful. See how this comes out. I think we are pretty much there. It’s quite a good idea. You can only tell so much from staring. Actually, taking it up
when it gets a bit messy and as you can see, they are
very greasy on the outside so you just want to
cover them with something to kinda seal them. I’ve got two options here. I’ve got some raw cacao powder in a bowl that I’ve prepared earlier and also some desiccated coconut. And you could also use some ground nuts, if you ground a few
extra at the beginning, you could roll it in that but I’m just gonna use these two today. And then just roll them
around a little bit. So they’re nicely coated. Pop them in the tray that
you’ve got ready-made. The consistency is key here. So, as much as there
is an ingredients list, everything does vary a little bit so make sure you do roll nicely and they’ll just stick together like this and the great thing about these, you can stick them in
the freezer to make sure they set nicely, but you can also leave them in the freezer and they’ll keep for, I
guess six months or so? Mine never get to keep that long ’cause I must admit, I
eat them before then. And also, if you are somewhere warm, hard to imagine right now, but you can put them in the freezer and you can take them
straight from the freezer and put them in your jersey pocket so by the time you get to
that stage in your ride when you’re a little bit hungry, they’re probably gonna
be a perfect consistency before getting a little bit too runny. I know I’ve already mentioned that you don’t have to stick
exactly to these ingredients but another thing you could add in, some instant coffee,
as long as it’s ground, and then mix that into the mixture ’cause it gives you that
bit of a caffeine hit when you’re out on a ride, so then it really does
encompass everything. And you might think that
buying all these ingredients such as dates, almond butter,
coconut oil is expensive, but a large pot of each
of those goes a long way. And if you actually add up how often you buy an energy bar
that’s two pounds, $2, I thnk that’s pretty much
just one of these bowls in how many you’ve got here. So, value for money. Plus you know exactly what
is going into your nutrition. When it comes for when to use, I have basically made
these as cycling balls. That’s when I tend to use them. You can use them for running, but just remember there’s
obviously dates and nuts, so it takes a little bit longer to digest and you might get a few GI issues if you’re trying to go
for a run straight after. But just bear in mind what works for you. And most importantly, enjoy. And talk of enjoying,
you can even stick these into a supper party at the end. If you drizzle in some melted
dark chocolate over the top. It’s a pretty healthy after supper snack to have with your coffee. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the video and more importantly, you’ve gone away and made some of these and enjoyed them. I know I’m going to. Give us a thumbs up like if you have. Click the globe to subscribe to make sure you get all of our videos and if you do like some of the ingredients that’s in this, we’ve made a video on superfoods for triathletes including things such as raw cacao. You can find that video just down here.