You’re trying to replicate your mumma Hello everybody welcome to Snehal Rakesh 24 show. In my earlier episode I spoke about nutritional Shake Mix for adults and today, I’m going to talk about nutritional Shake Mix for kids that is dinoshake Our kids do not realize why they are supposed to have a variety of fruits vegetables pulses and grains so that they got all the nutrients required for their overall development And that’s why I like dinoshake because it has 18 essential vitamins and minerals It is made up of whey protein and casein protein So it gives all the necessary amino acids required for their development one serving of dinoshake gives six grams of protein and it has very little sugar and fat and Because it is made up of chocolate and strawberry flavor, kids just love having dinoshake. By the way dinoshake is a supplement which means you’re supposed to Supplement your children’s regular diet with dinoshake. We are not saying that if your kids do not eat at all, then just give dinoshake. We are supposed to teach our children to make healthy regular food choices and if you have kids who are very picky and choosy about Eating food, then what you need to check is do you have picky and choosy adults at home? Because if your kids are listening to adults every single day if the adults are saying that aaj karele ki sabji banayi hai So I won’t eat my food or aaj baingan ki sabzi banayi hai is so can you make something else for me? So if your kids are listening to this, then they’re picking up this language and they become picky and choosy too so what we need to do is we need to start making healthy choices as adults. Because our kids are very very smart So our kids do not do what we tell them to do. Our kids do what they see us doing. So when we start making healthy choices they start making healthy choices, too. So I have a six-year-old and let me tell you that how I supplement her diet with Dino Shake. So she has Dinoshake as soon as she gets up in the morning then she has her regular breakfast in school. She has her lunch in the school. While coming back from school she has a regular snack. We have our early dinner around 6:00 6:30pm. So Anaira joins us for that early dinner She again has a dinoshake at around 8:00 8:30pm as a night drink and because dinoshake has whey protein which is a fast absorbing protein and it also has casein protein, which is a slow absorbing protein So Dinoshake is not just a good snack in the morning and evening but is also a very healthy drink in the night So Anaira likes to have it in the night So Anaira has six meals throughout the day out of which two are dinoshake and four are regular meals so that’s how I supplement my daughter’s diet with dinoshake. And it is very easy to make dinoshake. You can have it with milk or you can have it with juice. You just have to add two scoops of it you can have it cold or warm and hot. I also like to make pancakes and brownies and Muffins with dinoshake and Anaira just loves having dinoshake. So now Anaira is going to show you how she makes her Dinoshake. Hey everyone! So today we are going to make my Dinoshake. First thing I take my glass. Then I open this milk Then we have dinoshakes like (thinking)… anyone!!! Chocolate and all… So then Iam gonna put my chocolate powder Dinoshake, whatever…. 🙂 Then I take my spoon. Then I stir it. So now let’s drink it.