whats up baddest army its marjan at baddestxo
and today I’m gonna teach you guys how to make your own protein bars at home and they’re
gonna be low calorie so first were gonna use whey protein in chocolate by vpxsports this
is the one i use 0 zero carb and only 80 calories most people use a higher calorie protein and
their goal is to lose weight and its stupid just get the lowest calorie one you can find
and they also taste amaze all my clients love them if you want to get 20% off you can use
my coupon code marjan20 the link will be in the description so your also gonna need some
milk i like to use almond milk because its the lowest calories this is cashew 25 calories
this is the lowest one you can find if your not worried about making it super low calorie
use whatever protein you have use whatever milk you have you also gonna need coconut
flour whatever flour you use make sure that its an e you can just eat it raw thats the
most important part because for this recipe you dont need to cook it this is gonna be
you can its optional if you want to add more ingredients you can use honey so i have some
honey here my favorite peanut butter is only 150 calories for two tablespoons i also am
gonna add some shredded coconut on top of it so these are like optional toppings that
you can use alright guys so now were gonna get right into it and make our protein bars
so easy and simple you guys are gonna love it so you just take one scoop of whey put
it into a bowl the key here is to get it into a nice thick texture so that you can actually
mold it into a bar with your fingers if you ever tried a cliff bar or a quest bar you
notice that they don’t look as perfect as the other ones because they’re have more natural
ingredients and so they don’t stick together very well use coconut flour you can add like
half a serving and then your just gonna add the almond milk and then mix it until you
get a nice thick consistency so you wanna make sure you can shape and mold it so obviously
its way too thick so I’m gonna add more it’s very easy to add too much and if that happens
it’s ok you can just add more flour like our goal here is to make a low calorie protein
bar the less you add the better so this is perfect this is the kind of consistency you
want its super thick its pliable i wanna add a little bit of let’s see were gonna add peanut
butter theres also a walnut in here now this is optional this is make it a little thicker
this is the perfect texture what you should do is get chocolate if you wanna coat the
entire protein bar into chocolate melt it over a pot and microwave it for a little bit
and then you can put it in the freezer give it a nice coating but I’m not gonna do that
because i want to keep it low calorie as possible so this is what i use you dont have to copy
me but i just took this piece of paper and I’m gonna spray it for whatever reason because
I’m use to doing that but then I’m just gonna take this and your gonna make it into a shape
of a protein bar you don’t have to you can make into the shape of a heart a star it doesn’t
make a difference your still gonna be able to eat it so that it’s in my hand I’m noticing
that its not as thick and i would like so i’m just gonna add some more flour you guys
know i like to do things fast so I’m not gonna use a professional mixer you guys are gonna
love this because it is so easy to make so now your just gonna use your hands and you
could just shape it into like a rectangle square circle whatever you want this doesn’t
look that nice but it taste really phuckin good guys keep in mind this is natural this
is a very healthy protein bar so it’s not gonna look the same as the fake ones that
you buy in the grocery store that are have hundreds of calories added so this is what
we have so far and now i’m gonna use some shredded coconut and this made a huge difference
especially with the coconut flour almond milk it just taste so good i’m not even a fan of
coconut but i love this the shredded coconut has been awesome i put it on top of my smoothies
my protein shakes my ice cream and i really love it you can also top it off with some
walnuts and a little bit of peanut butter the beauty of this is that you can customize
it to what you like topping you can drizzle chocolate on it do whatever you want m and
ms so just keep in mind that the more you add the higher the calories are gonna be so
now I’m gonna wash my hands and show you what it’s gonna look like sorry guys i had to lick
my fingers cus it was so good after you finish making your protein bar you wanna put it in
the freezer for 30 minutes and then it will harder up and it will be ready to go thank
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