Recovery’s arguably the most important part of training you can train as hard as you want But if you don’t recover properly then you won’t improve in fact you could actually get worse Yeah, of course recovery without training isn’t going to get very far either But the key is to find a balance between the two so the faster you recover harder You can train then theoretically at least the better the [cyclist] you become yeah now although recovery is a complex process Fundamentally a [sign] of course from not riding your bike the most important thing is Nutrition so what does your body need and why yeah well maybe we should start with what actually happens to your body during Riding that means you need to recover your body needs fuel for riding and primarily it’s in the form of carbohydrates when you’re above [sixty-five] percent of your maximum heart rate and Of course fat, too Now aside from very very short rides pretty much on every training ride you will deplete your energy stores in some way when out on A ride yeah, and then secondly a simple mechanical stress of riding does damage to your muscle fibers Particularly if you’re pressing on a really high intensity and that is going to need to be repaired [it’s] particularly important this point when it comes to training because in repairing your muscles. That’s also when you improve and Finally most of us will actually sweat when we’re on a ride some more than [others] So you are going to need to rehydrate you’re moving swiftly on from that after that very quick recap What we actually need to recover from how then can we recover faster either so we can train again? Or just we can get on with you know like normal life like go to work Go to school. Take some diy [yeah] looking after the kids Let’s deal [with] the energy question first that’s certainly the easiest to address now carbohydrate is used to restore your glycogen levels and [loss] okay, now glycogen is used as Energy Primarily when doing moderate to intense Training so it’s important that you restore those levels and these stores otherwise it could dramatically affect your ability to train on subsequent days Yeah, and also [they] forget as well that your immune system it takes a hit when you train and Therefore to make sure that is functioning as well as it possibly can do then you need to keep on top [of] your Carbohydrate intake for that as well otherwise you could end up picking out those pesky illnesses And that could derail your plans yeah big part that is eating when you’re actually out [on] the bike So it’s really good practice to try and eat little and often keep those stores [top-top] while you’re riding along and at [meas] when you get home it will take you less time to actually replenish those stores and Perhaps more importantly it could actually prevent any muscle damage in the first place Next you need [to] make sure you’ve got [enough] protein to rebuild damaged muscles now [proteins] actually the focus of most pro cyclist diets these Day not vast quantities, but enough and taking it regular intervals But even the most inactive of people are gonna need to eat protein because your body is constantly Regenerating, but when you throw in an extra stress like riding well you’re going to need to eat more to make sure you have enough protein you’re going to want to eat little and Often so it’s a good [idea] to avoid eating a giant steak as nice as that may be and that’s it And I always had a problem back in the day and trying to get enough protein So it did take supplements like protein shakes and protein drinks And that is in fact why they so popular and very very convenient. Yeah you also need to think about When you’re eating that protein as well because for example your body does the majority [of] its tissue regeneration when you’re actually asleep So you need to make sure you’ve got a ready supply of protein in your bloodstream To make the most of that when you’re getting from training that you have quickly absorbed protein like a whey protein Rather than a case in which actually makes up the majority of milk which people often turn to for a recovery drink However that casing comes in very handy if you have it just before you go to sleep for example When you’ll actually really benefit from those slow-release proteins those amino acids can then drip into your bloodstream whilst you sleep? Hashtag It’s not just protein and carbohydrates that vitamins and minerals Provide well a vital part are protecting your immune system and actually fighting against free radicals Which is a molecule that is thought commonly [too] bad for you? Yeah, however there is a growing body of evidence now that suggests the u.s. You need these free radicals in order to trigger training response so directly if you had too many Antioxidants too soon after training then you wouldn’t actually get the same training effect and all your hard work or least some of it would Go to Waste But realistically shouldn’t be a problem for for too much for us though because if you have a healthy balanced diet You’ll get all the nutrition you need and also at the right time but it’s worth bearing in mind if you are Training and putting your body under a lot of stress Finally with nutrition you can’t ever neglect your hydration. We lose lots of water through sweating Some people though quite a lot more than others you serious to sweat jokes in one video So you can’t can’t neglect it. You cannot it’s so important You know if you don’t get the right hydration balance right you can feel absolutely awful. So we’ve both been there But taking on a lot of water isn’t necessarily the best way to hydrate yourself You actually need an electrolyte to help your body retain the water far better No, sorry So using electrolyte you’ve got no extra calories just the electrolytes that you need and you will rehydrate Africa Quicker and more efficient You know I do genuinely wish I’d known that, and I was a pro. It sounds stupid I didn’t know it, but I didn’t and I wish I had done, but you are winning now side. Thanks mate now in conclusion essentially a Normal balanced diet is going to be sufficient to allow most of us to recover from the writing that we do in order to carry on with our normal lives but how do you train or the more stressful your life the more you might want to consider certain aspects of [nutrition] to make sure that you are recovering optimally yeah And make sure you consume protein little and often and it’s the right type [of] protein at the right times now if you want some advice on [exactly] how to Train Harder then we have some excellent videos here on [GcN] you can start just by clicking up there We’ve got how to train it for short steep climbs, or the real time turbo training sessions Then we’ve got our particularly nice slash nasty one. You can get through to [that] just down there and to subscribe to GCN click On my electrolyte drink because you’ll be needing plenty of that if you’re doing those sessions That’s true, but even the most inactive of people are gonna need to eat bugs [they’re] [there] after [heat] bollocks. Nah, you know snap. There’s them although they probably are full of protein yeah for real. Oh God in many many ways anyway. Let’s move on well has really put [banana] in the washing machine Hey, they go really dark mushy and then explode Right they actually I don’t know there’s probably