living a life of a college student takes
a lot of energy trust me I know. What if I told you
eating healthier foos can provide a steady supply of energy to your brain and
muscles to keep you focused and energized and keep your metabolism revved up all
day. My name is Sherry and its time to show you how to start planning healthier meals.
There are three food groups you should take into account when deciding what to eat for
breakfast and lunch and dinner. Vegetables and fruits grains and
protein fruits and vegetables like kale blueberries avocados and apples are
beneficial to your food diet because they provide most of your source
of vitamins and minerals they’re also high in natural anti-oxidant which help strengthen the body against
disease. Grab an apple and a handful of almonds to jump start your metabolism for a long
day of classes. Grains like pasta oatmeal brown rice and
whole wheat bread are the bodies first source of fuel and energy. They
also help regulate digestion, increase immune function and enable
communication between cells carbohydrates keep you fuller longer so
you can concentrate on that next exam and not on your growling stomach. Protein like lean chicken breast, salmon tofu eggs nuts and cheese is the body’s
main sources of long-term fuel and energy. Good for long-lasting
energy feeling full and increased alertness. Most college students get more than enough protein throughout the day there’s rarely any need to supplement
your diet with protein powders even when you’re trying to bulk up on some muscle. The healthy plate is a visual reminder of the ideal balance of nutrients,
vitamins and minerals to keep college students sustained at their maximum
potential. there are no good or bad foods. Only your
relationship with them make healthier choices eighty percent of
the time and eat what you want the other 20 percent of the time so
enjoy a variety of foods which can help prevent feelings of guilt binging or giving up
on a healthy lifestyle all foods can be apart of healthier
eating and home well well