Hey this is Derek Doepker with Excuse Proof
Fitness and in this video, I’m going to be revealing the one thing that I did that allowed
me to go from eating fast food every single night to getting the motivation to stick to
a healthy diet for the past nine years straight. Now before I did this one thing, I don’t think
a person could have paid me to eat healthier. It didn’t matter how much my friends and my
family were telling me my diet was unhealthy and I need to change my habits. It didn’t
matter. I was stuck in my ways and nothing seemed to make a difference. Until I did this
one thing. Once I did this, I lost just about all of
my desire to keep eating that junk food. I wanted to eat healthy. At that point, a person
couldn’t pay me to go back to eating junk food and fast food as much as I was. Now this one thing that I did was expand my
awareness through education. Specifically what I did was I read a book.
And this book, showed me in black and white terms what was happening to my body when I
was eating all those trans-fats. I could see, in a very real sense though reading this book,
what was happening to my cells and to my hormones by flooding my body with these unhealthy fats.
With these excessive amounts of sugar from all the soft drinks I was drinking. And it
made it real to me. Because before that if someone said something
was unhealthy or healthy I didn’t really know what that meant. They were sort of vague abstract
terms to me. I thought yeah well maybe it’s unhealthy because if I keep eating this way
for the next 50 years I might get heart disease or something. So I can always change my habits
down the road once I had an actual health complication. But this book showed me no the damage was
real. The damage was happening to me right now. I was hurting my body. I was screwing
things up with my hormones. And I had the symptoms too. My skin was all messed up. I
didn’t have very good energy levels. And it made everything real to me. Once I had that awareness, I couldn’t go back
to putting the blinders on and pretending my habits weren’t having an effect on my body. So this of course was just the starting point.
There were a number of things that I did that built up my motivation and allowed me to make
a more permanent change. But this catalyst really set the pace for everything that came
down the road. It set me up to want to eat a healthy diet.
To get me that initial motivation I needed to start changing my habits. Now one of the things I did to keep up that
motivation was I continually educated myself. I started reading articles. I started reading
books. Signing up for newsletters. Listening to podcasts. To keep that education going
for the past nine years. So that was something I’ve found to be very
beneficial because I know when I stop doing this on-going education, my eating habits,
even though I won’t go back to the way I used to eat, if I don’t keep that ongoing level
of education and that constant reminder of why it’s important to eat healthy, then I
start to slip back into some less than ideal eating habits. But as soon as I reintroduce that education
as to the benefits of eating healthy, and in particular the detriments of eating unhealthy,
it gives me a resurgence of that motivation that I need. Below this video I’m going to be putting some
links to some of my favorite resources for health education. I really believe that when people take the
time, even just a few minutes a week, or listening to a health podcast driving in their car,
that constant education and reenforcement as to why it’s important to eat healthy is
a great thing to do for motivation. Now of course, there’s a lot of other things
a person can do to get themselves motivated. This is just one of the things that worked
for me. If you want to find out what specifically makes you tick with your unique psychology,
you can get some more details and some more strategies in my book how to stick to a diet
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