so today I have my Cascio MTP 4500 watch I've had it for a couple of years let's face it I'm a firefighter I'm rough on it but I had some problems the other day actually it's been quite a while ago that had some issues with it and is something kind of petty but it's something that's kind of bugging me and it's a simple fact that if you see on the very bottom right here that's the second hand for keeping time this other orange hand right here is the second hand for the stopwatch and if you look that's its reset position typically on this watch and others like it the top button here starts the top watch and stops it but then when you go to reset it watch the second one there goes all the way around and resets at the 8th instead of the 12 I know it's Petty and it's stupid but it was bothering me so anyways I called Kashia the other day and talked to him as usual talk to somebody in India or something like that and was no help at all I talked to three or four different people and it turned out that I was going to send it in they said there's no way to recalibrate it blah blah blah bunch of BS I got fed up the watch is on in like 60 something bucks I'm not going to spend 60 bucks friggin you know start knitting and getting it repaired and all that jazz so anyways I looked some stuff up and I figured out hope you guys save some money it's actually super easy super quick trick but uh took me a couple years to find it so anyways like I said that second hand was driving me freakin nuts so basically what you do I found it actually in a tutorial on another Casio watch I figure what the heck I'll try it on mine so basically pardon me while I'm grabbing this stuff pull out the knob there to change the time and then just hit the top button that if keep re hitting it but it's basically recalibrating it and readjusting it that's the terms that they used it cos co2 get there you go top dead center push that back in you may have to adjust your time but now start your top your stopwatch and pause it or whatever when you go back to reset it it resets right baguette 12 alright guys hope you enjoyed