I'm going to be showing you how to fix the noise time for a new trigger there could be a number of factors that your treadmill could be creating noise but before I get started there's a couple of things that we'll be doing later on in the video how to remove all these timers and getting to the components how to tighten the treadmill conveyor belt also aligning it at the back lubricating it also your belt from the motor could be loose from the front roller located there that could be one of the first issues of making noise so if your belt squeaking every time you step on the conveyor your belt might be loose so you want to tension it now before you go tensioning it you might want to see if there's any grease on the belt it could have slipped from from one of the rollers onto the belt so you want to take the belt off give it a good clean very simple to do and then tension it now how you tension is before you go tensioning it here's my tensioner bolt right here but before you go tensioning it you want to release the the motor so it's free to spin so remove loosen the bolt holding the motor in place and and then you'll be out of tension or a lot more better now this has got a nut here so you'll leave the nut off the tensioner so you can tension it to whatever you want then tighten the knot to hold it in place so make sure the belts also on its tracks and then you can go ahead and tension it belt feels pretty tight I might give it a little bit more and that'll do it for me maybe just a fraction now I'm going to go ahead and just tighten the bottom nut by hand doesn't need to be too crushed you can get a spanner onto it but it should be fine then tighten the bottom bolts again to hold the motor in place now if you want to get a new belt the amount of grooves in here at the amount of PK so say if there's seven grooves 7pk belt and then the length is always in millimeters in a circle so just measure the length and type out up in Google and see what you can come up with might save you a few dollars the noise that my trevor was making was like a humming noise it was due to this vinyl smooth surface lifting up off the board making it rub up against the belt now what we want to do is reglue this down and use something heavy and we'll clamp it down so then glue it back on now the belt chute rub up against the lip pulling this up it only rubs up because it's raised when the only part that it rubs up is this surface here every time you step on it as you can see from the worn-out marks so you go ahead and you and a towel over it so you don't scratch the surface of your gift corner I'll put one more clamp in the middle I'll hold it down and that should do it give it now the glue says eight hours but I'll give it a good 24 hours then put your criminal back girl should be so when you go to lubricate the belt before you jump up on it you want to make sort of a loose finger towel underneath it or if you just fixed your board the board should be gone already but Phoenix our Nathan and rub it back and forth cleaner from all the dust roll it over do the same get all the dust out and over that three quarters up from the bottom right here you want to get your lubricant and figured I'm going to still really live as a small lubricant on you get some treadmill lubricant it shouldn't be too expensive off eBay at different treadmills say the different treadmill setups use different lubricants and I'll get the recommended lubricant for each treadmill penny line up a phone number there's two bolts on the idea they can time will loosen if you have your printer on Bell starts lying to one direction tight on that side up just a fraction until it starts slipping the other way to line it up if the other side time and slowly don't try and tighten up with the triple running you will be able to do it a lot more quicker but in the slight chance of you getting your finger stuck in young it could do some damage well it will do damage so don't do that so adjust it turn it on turn it off adjust it and so on so 14 euro right don't put too much tension on the belt and how do you know how much tension is good have a loose tension but at the same time if you're running on a treadmill you can feel it slipping back here time it up and too much tension is when you've got a socket on you and you forcing the nut down when you get to a forcing that's way too much tension really simply you want to have it roughly in the middle of the bowl unless you get a new belt and slightly being you might need adjusted there too much tension will also cause the belt into Polly keel up ways that's another indication of too much tension anyways so all at the terminal run for a set hopefully the belt going to look left and right [Applause] when you can see you got an extra meal on that side to decide so what I'll do it I've got a head and higher than that one just a fraction kill the traitor wait till transport stop now just a fraction finding and that's do it you might need to turn a lot more half a turn to a turn depending on how much it's leaning towards one side as I can see that's nearly 100% straight and it's good to go it's very easy to disassemble one of these units there's just a few screws around corners all different units have different setups and this is a bottom casing I'm going to four screws one two three four and then I have to lift the back end pull this cover off barrels weight take a few screws off around this comes off it gives you access to the belt and the tensioner here that are getting to later if you want to improve the dark for instance it's easiest to remove the true from the front row and the back roller you take these pops up and undo the two screws at the back and this all the tension of the end you to remove the rear ole Batman now these two side I see policies right all the way back need they need space for that this port here in the belts held in place by three bulbs now if you want to remove the belt you undo it the whole board and the brackets all in one and take it all out solder Bella if you want to do a slightly more quicker you can slap it out to the side and remove the bolts holding the bar in place then when you've done that you should be able to slide the board out without even taking the dirt off I let a me to fix the board