– Hey guys, I’m Dr. B.J.
Hardick with MaxLiving, we’re talking about ways that
we can make time for exercise. You know, now having worked with patients for close to 20 years, everyone wants to exercise more but the biggest challenge people
have is making the time. So here are three quick tips. The first thing is, do it
first thing in the morning. Whenever you have an
opportunity to work out or do any form of exercise,
as you get your day started, I assure you, you will
avoid that accumulation of excuses that accumulate
throughout the day. So and not only do you
have a mindset of exercise when you want to do that
first thing in the morning but we actually know
that when you exercise on an empty stomach after
sleeping for six to eight hours and not eating for that long. Insulin levels are the
lowest, growth hormones and testosterone, they are the highest. So you actually get a much better workout and a better benefit to your body when you can workout first thing. Make that a commitment
throughout your week. At least two to three times per week, even daily if you can do that. That would be step number
1, exercise first thing. The next thing is, don’t
think that you have to go find an hour plus the drive, making it an hour and a half, to work out first thing in the day. When you’re incorporating
more burst training or surge training, what some people call high intensity interval training. Where you’re doing short
bursts of exercise, buffered with breaks and you’re doing this for a period of 12 to 25 minutes. You can get an incredible, great workout and you can do this at home. You can do this with sprints. You can do this with jumping on the spot. You can do this on an elliptical machine. You can do this running up and down hills. You can do this on stairs. But, the interval training
doesn’t have to take nearly as long but can still have a great benefit to your body and
also give you an after burn later through the day,
where you’ll feel great. And you know what, I would
also just say this too no matter what you do the
body is designed to be moving. So look at anything you could possibly do throughout the day, to
get in more movement. Certainly we hear the old adage of you know take the stairs
instead of the escalator. All these things do have an
added cumulative benefit to you the more you can move throughout the day, not only benefiting your
body but also creating that mindset of exercise and movement. The way your body was designed
to live in the first place. For more tips and specific programs on how to do those
surge training exercises check out all of the programs
available on maxliving.com