Hello! Cristina and I am the Yoga teacher from the Channel, ChriskaYoga where I post two Yoga Class Videos per Week One on Monday Morning and One on Wednesday morning. Today and I will be Showing you as you can See from the title of Video How I film and Edit My Yoga Videos I just finished Filming Two Videos that will be Going up on my Channel Next week so i’m going to show you my Setup I’m going to warn you it’s not the neatest so This is True Behind the Scenes Yet Truth this is the truth if You can’t Take the truth then? Bye-bye This Is my yellow mat This is what everybody Sees in My Videos my little Background Set Up that Strap that I just use where’s my Wallaby cow This is my Setup In The Film World they Would call it the set this Is my friend this is Basically all that People See all is There A Clip Right Now of what is Seen in The Shot but This is Behind paintings of the Shot I’m Filming right next to a window Right next to Another Piece of Furniture and as you can see There are Two lights Here Which are Cloth Maybe that Would Make it Better? This Is from the light kit that I use Which I will link all of my Equipments that I Can find in The Description Box Below This Light Can’t Came With Three lights it was Around Fifty Dollars Maybe a little bit Less like 49 and These like the rates and There are Plenty of YouTube Videos Where you Can, Make your own Lighting kit Clothes that’s Also Another Option Is Just Time-Intensive to have to Buy the materials Make the materials Make Sure They Work – ah Blah blah so I have a light that Shines right at The mat I don’t know Personally how to Get it to not Make a Shadow but this is how I set it Up I have Another light over Here Plugged in Around the Corner on my Kitchen I have another light here’s A normal House Lamp This Is my other life Is light Would Normally Be that bulbs that I showed you? But I just broke it I was Plugging it in and the entire life fell over and Smash I need to Buy Another one That Matches Those Two up for now and it’s put in This one if you Can Help it white Light Both when you’re Filming Camera Set up right here This Is my camera a little Flip out Screen I use the canon 600d Which is the same as the canon Rebel T3I it’s a great Beginner, dslr Camera so I got it several Years Ago Maybe back in 2013 There Are Updated Versions of This Camera Now but This One Works Just fine for me Now in the dslr you have to use the extreme Sd Card I will insert a picture now of what it looks like I used 128 Gigabyte Time you can get Them in Several Different Sizes I prefer the larger size so I don’t have to Keep the leading Things Which Is kind of a Pain when you’re Producing so much content on a regular? Basis Especially if You’re Just Starting Down you, don’t have to start out with A Dslr Camera I just happen to have one and at some Points Throughout my YouTube Channel Life I was Filming on my Phone i highly recommend doing That Earth Just to be if you like it and want to Continue my Opinion is to not Invest ton of Money Into Equipment until you know for sure that this is what you want to do I Spend The Intros and The Astros to the other Videos That I filmed Today I also thought that this part, was Worth Mentioning Because? It’s part of the editing Process for Filming This far I use to Semuc that Camera that I used in the Video 600C for the Same Lens But I also Added a Shotgun Microphone I have A warm the Ones From Amazon and I put a little Note for Myself Because if You Record With your Microphone Plugged in But it’s turned off you Won’t hear Anything and it’s very Common for me to forget to turn on and Off your Microphone if you leave it on When you’re not using it Battery will die This is a Microphone that I used for my voice Overs Now and I’ve Been Doing Voiceovers Most of my Videos and I just Recently Switched over and all something like that in a minute I just and I got everything Separately all on Ingram This Is the stands that are used to like your Phone this is a Windshield Some Kind of Shield This helps to Prevent Like when You say T’S or essence or t’s it kind of like it’s very Harsh from being Here I guess If I could find one it prevents it from going above the volume Line and Becomes Painful when you listen To it like – High-Pitched Or Harsh on the Ears so Funny Story Actually use the Guitar Hero Microphone To Record my Voice over I bet you know other Yoga Teacher on YouTube or Anywhere this is a guitar Hero Microphone to Record The Voice Overs but it’s Just A usb Just, Usb Microphone but I use the, Usb and I plug it Into my Computer Yeah the recognises The Microphone on Final cut Pro and Imovie and that’s How I do the Voiceover this is final cut Pro This one of my Videos I Already Have on the Channel and then this is the Video Clip and this is the voice-over Clip and I poured This Voiceover Clip With That Microphone that I just showed you this Is what I’ve Been using Lately so the Top few Classes and Upcoming Classes are Not with the Voiceover so I’m Speaking in Real Time as I’m Teaching the Class and I used It and Attached this is the “Neewer”, I think that’s how you pronounce the name. So, this is my lavalier mic, and you plug it into this Recorder. I put This on my body and as I’m Moving and Teaching Class and I’m Speaking in Real Time I don’t know which one I like Better this Is what I’m doing Now I feel like it Showcases my Personality More as Teachers and doing the voice-over Does so it just depends on what you’re Looking to do I have A Macbook Pro That I Edit my Videos on Obviously you’ll have to use something different if you Don’t have A mac Computer I was using Imovie for all of my other Videos on my Channel So from I guess The end of January and before then all Those Videos were ever good I will be There the Work Just fine Except Final cut Pro Does, allow me to do A bit more with the Audio Which Makes it sound A bit Better and It has A few extra Titles and Just like extra Features That Make Editing Easier and Look Better it Depends on your Budget and it Depends on what you’re looking to, do so that wraps up the Behind-The-Scenes of How I Film and Edit on my yoga Classes i hope you enjoyed this Video if You liked it Please give it a thumbs Up if you Want to See some of Those Yoga Videos that I? Edit Please subscribe I Post Videos Yoga Class Videos Every Monday and Every Wednesday on That Channel, okay Thank you So much! See you again soon! Bye!