Hey, what’s up liz and today? I’m going to be teaching you [how] to do the slip Even if you were not a dancer or gymnast growing up now this video is a two-part series We’re going to be going over front and back flip as well as middle scripts So they’re going to be in two separate videos to make sure you watch which one Applies to you or watch both if you want to learn how to do splitting all three directions quick Little [Backstory] I did not grow up as a gymnast or an acrobat or a Dancer at all so I had to learn the hard way And I learned how to do the [flips] by practicing three Basic things and these are incredibly important if you all learned how to do the flips to number one is Patient now. I know you don’t want to hear that But this pliz are something that will not happen overnight is something that you have [to] practice practice practice And the number one most important thing that you can have while you’re learning your flips is patience Make sure that you practice [they] get a consistent part of your routine and I promise you you will get to your splits in no time [I] recommend doing this video along with me three to four times a week if you’re really serious about getting your [slips] and just Keeps it the number two most important thing that we need to practice when we’re learning our slips is Flexibility, so what I mean by flexibility is making sure that the muscles dependence the ligaments and the Fashio all of those are being worked And stretched in a gradual manner, so we’re not just clapping down or forcing or ripping anything We are going to gradually over time and lengthen all of those body parts So [that] is easy and comfortable to spin or slip the third and final thing that we need to practice is Mobility so when it comes to hips and especially the middle split we have to work on our hip mobility So today’s video is going to walk you through all different kinds of exercises that you should practice use Finally conquer your slips and Ps. Don’t worry if you’re super inflexible right now I started off as the most fifth person in the world so I can do it you can do it and again it all comes Acts [at] number one saying solution You like this video make sure you get the thumbs up button if you find it helpful awesome Share it with somebody who you [can] do it with and make sure you comment below and tell me how are your slips comes? I can only bigger for you, all right Let’s get into the exercises a little disclaimer Never ever ever stretch [to] work on flexibility or mobility [when] you are cold meaning you haven’t done a warm-up first so I’m going [to] walk you through a quick little warm-up that you can do for the lower body and the [hips] so let’s Hop into the warm-up Okay, so taking feet slightly wider than hip width apart We’re just going to drop down do a couple squats [get] some blood flowing into the legs Good get those hips moving get all the joints moving Synovial fluid in the joints so that you’re nice and lubricated you’re not going to pop anything or hurt yourself Good when you’re done with a couple squats here Make sure you breathe pull your abs in nice tall posture Then we’re going to take the feet out wider and take the toes slightly pointed out We’re going to squat down and lift so sumo squat reach Good opening up the [hip] make sure again your knees are tracking out over in the direction of your toes Stacking those knees right on top of the heels heels are planted Good inhale exhale four three Two and last one here good. We’re going to take the toes straight forward towards me We’re going to shift our hips to the left and on the right Left and the right now some people get little hip pops here And that’s okay one was pain free [range] of motion and you’re not hurting yourself Keeping it nice and safe again pushing your hips behind you Keeping the knees stacked over those heels driving the heels down to the ground Good push your booty out [four] three two and [one] Good once again toes. Go out drop this down. Take your hands on top of the side drop one children look up Thanks for the inner thigh stretch Well, it’s final toast and then to the other side just Opening up those hips here come to the center, and he’ll reach up Big lift take the toes forward once again. We’re going to add so forward forward flat back Let’s have the back to those legs shift your weight back into the left leg And over into the right leg keep your back flat here your abs are in Beautiful we’re going to turn to face the side go ahead and drop the back leg down just a little bit finding a runner’s lunge position strong straight back leg back [is] flat again notice 90 degree [Bend] here in my forward knee? Good, I’m going to drop the back heel down stay low walk your way over to the other side find your underside good So really important here have the forward knee stacked over the heel framing the forward legs strong straight back leg Beautiful go ahead and bring the back leg in just a little bit making a triangle with the legs strong straight legs Some people might want to come on up [halfway], but if you’re flexible as is you can frame your forward leg Pull the belly in keep the back flat Trane’s around here in your back To the back side even if it means you have to come up Because what we do and we do that [is] [to] concentrate the stretch on the forward leg and not into the low back Good carefully walk your way around with the other side of you entering stretch on this leg Now you should feel nice and warm If you don’t feel warm make sure that you continue to do a few more Cardio based dynamic stretching exercises seems like lunges forward and back leg swing ankle circles Things like that [good] carefully make your way back to center full round [forward] both legs stretching the backs of the legs Inhale to Lift Put the hands to the floor heel toe your feet right below your hips bend the knees and slowly round up All the way up back to start okay cool. Let’s jump it into the actual stretches So when I say front and back foot, I mean the most Traditional type of slip which means one leg is in front and one leg is in the back now this is a little bit easier to get into then middle splits because it doesn’t require as much mobility so let’s get right into the flexibility exercises starting with a hip Opening stretch now. What a lot of people Do here is they dump into their low back? And then it just all becomes pressure on the spine which we don’t want so instead We’re going to tuck her tail on under and then move forward it changes the stretch slightly But this is one of the key elements actually opening up the hip flexor once we’ve found that and your knee is stacked over Your forward heel heel planted down you’re going to inhale reset same side arm up Big lift and then bend to the side as you slowly exhale And you’ll feel that extend that stretch all the way up through the side body Getting a full hip flexor stretch now I have my back toes cut okay some people have told me that that helps to alleviate any pressure on this back knee if you want to also double up your mat put a Towel down under your knee feel free [to] do that Well inhale back to center and exhale And then lean back [good], so we’re going to go all the way back using the back foot tucks. We’re going to sit [onto] the back heel from here I like to flex the toes back towards the face now if that’s [uncomfortable] for some people Then you can go ahead and come on up or untuck the back toes So I know it works for you But now we’re focused on the other side of the leg on the back of the thigh or the hamstring so sitting on top So the shoulders away from here Good, and I’m framing my body weight here Good coming back forward. We’re just going to move through those two stretches so forward and back good forward And back we do it one more time forward Still opening up and warming up [legs] Beautiful coming back to four-Point position. We’ll take the other leg in front Starting the bet hip flexor stretch on the other side so again remember the trick tuck your tailbone in and then lean forward Good and take a big inhale reach the arm up As you exhale gently into the opposite side feel it beautiful hip flexor stretch This will get easier and better as you go Including your balance come back to center and exhale the hand down. We’ll take it back into Hamstring stretch on the forward Leg I Also am doing this With shoes today, but I highly recommend any new stretches Barefoot and the reason why is because you can start to point and flex your feet And start to engage the muscles in the bottom of the foot good. We’re going to come forward Turn [a] [tall] And backwards again watching those toes towards the face sweeping forward a little hip flexor stretch And that’s towards the face so one more time forward and back Beautiful coming back to your hand position. We’ll take the other leg in front one more time this time We’re going to start working our way down so if you have a stack of books Or yoga blocks that you can set on either side of you that can help a lot especially when you’re working Up to being more flexible now if you don’t have that what we’re going to do instead is to untuck the back toes here Keeping that forward foot at the top of the map. I need to inch it a little bit more from here We’re going to just use our hands to Tuck this back toe and start to move our way down and back and then once we find our balance We’re going to again lift up so that we keep our torso in the middle. So we’re not leaning forward like this We are leaning straight up and down using our core Good Beautiful, and then if you feel comfortable there in the hip flexor then you can start to work your forward [legs] Forward so that they feel is on the bottom and again those toes are flexing back towards your face Now you might be here for weeks and weeks and weeks and it might be really [uncomfortable], so she really gotta focus on again sitting up tall and breathing and be patient remember the number one thing we’re focused on here is patience and eventually over time you might find That you start to be able to go lower and lower and lower and lower And then one day your hips will actually touch the ground and you will throw [yourself] a big [high-five] right up in the air because you did it and once you get here you can play around with Tucking or untucking the back toes pointing and flexing the forward foot, and then make sure you do the other side So when you come out? You’re bringing the back knee in and then we’ll bring this leg around to the other side [how] we’ll practice together on the other leg Movies again like I said are the splits that you’re going to be able to get? The most quickly the most easily remember we’re going backwards first finding that flexibility in the hip flexors Good, and then we sit up nice and tall and we work on holding. We have yoga blocks here. We’re using those for balance beautiful using your core for control Awesome, and then once you feel you’ve got nice good control your hip flexor is feeling good back there And you can start to wiggle the forward foot forward and continue to inch back back back and again remember your colleague And I be stuck here for quite a while, but focus on flexing those toes back toward your face And I’m sitting the torso up nice and vertical nice and tall jeans Patient okay these ends a week just throw this into your workout routine at the end a leg day or whatever Make sure you’re nice and warm Over time again, you can sit those hips down sit up nice and tall maybe then start working into your backbend Working on untucking [your] back toes pointing flexing forward push all kinds of Beautiful variations of your split now if you’re wanting to unlock your middle splits as well I made a separate video for you, and you can find that in the link in the description Box below However, I want to hear how is your front and back foots coming along? Tell me in the comments [below] and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe [to] our channel for more Workout videos every single week, I’ll see you next time bye Ps side no with forward and back flips You don’t need as much mobility because the hips naturally go forward and back Already as is when you’re doing normal daily movements like walking however for the Middle twist video we are going to jump more into hip mobility exercises and things that you can do to increase your Rotational capacity and range of motion and your hip I’ll see you over there for that video. Bye