Hey there, Mark here from Unleashed in
Calgary, I wanna share some information that is very important for raw feeders to know,
there’s a correct way to do it and it must follow the whole animal carcass model, so I’ve
got some items in front of me that will help you do that correctly, we
need to have muscle meat, organ meat, ground-up bone, some tripe and perhaps some fruit and veg in their
diet, patties like this are amazing to use because they’re easy
and they are complete this consists of perhaps two-thirds of
their diet maybe a little bit more what you also have to include is
chewing dogs, cats as, well need to chew they need
to clean their teeth they need to exercise, so on this plate
this is referred to as meaty bones, I’ve got whole chicken back
here that you bet it’s crunch, crunch, crunch, you’re cleaning teeth they’re exercising their entire bodies,
this is an example of more recreational bone,
as well as this one, we’ve got a beef rib and it’s sort of a knuckley bone, here
they’re consuming most of this, perhaps the entire thing,
mouth clean lots of exercise, a turkey neck as you
see here is an amazing toothbrush for your carnivore, so if they’re getting two or three of these a
week they’re going to have those beautiful teeth their entire lives so what I’m going to do here is I’m
gonna take one of these patties and show you the way I do it for my own
dogs, we’ve got Drake here really waiting for breakfast, so take a
patty I like to break it up, you probably
don’t have to, pull it apart throw it in the bowl, you can use tongs if
you want to touch the meat, let’s see how Drake enjoys his breakfast okay Drake so as you can see, the raw diet, done correctly, is amazing, he loves it, he
looks amazing and he’ll be healthy his entire life