oh man that was an intense workout it felt roomy camera guy was it not an intention ward pal but forget about that stuff because today we're going to be learning all about push-ups all about the important portions and when I say push-ups I'm talking about these guys right here you might be thinking that I'm talking just to the camera and I'm just doing a midair push-up but you'll be wrong what I'm actually doing is training my voice right and you know that if you are a push-up champion like I was circa 1941 you say I don't look like I'm 80 years old well I Got News for you I'm a vampire but that's another story altogether because today like I say we're going to learn all about pushing for proper form most people do them terribly do them incorrectly at worst you're injuring yourself at best you're working the wrong muscles I'm going to teach you the right away for maximum performance so that everyone can improve the push-ups and get the full benefits from them everyone should be doing them males females even your mother even your grandmother let's check it out hit me you might be wondering why should you be doing push-ups a better question is why shouldn't you be doing push-ups push-ups are known as an open chain kinetic movement what that means is it's healthy for your shoulders this is very fun for anyone that either sits a lot or has an office job in other words everybody it helps you to get the proper movement form so for any pressing movement you could become more efficient in addition to that like I said before it's a great shoulder exercise when done correctly it can be excellent for fat loss and it's a great metric to test your overall body strength so like I said before everyone should be doing push-ups even your grandma so now let me demonstrate the proper push-up and then let's go through a bit by bit Oh so those were proper push-ups right there what are the key points for the proper questions well if you notice with my back I was pinching my shoulder blades together they're being squeezed as I was coming down the key point I can make the first point is that think that your shoulder blades are bringing your body to the graph second you should be going all the way down to the ground your face should be touching third if you notice my elbows weren't flared out there pivoted at 45 degrees this was allowed your triceps to do some of the motor movement some of the action and to assist the deltoids because by putting it out like this that puts your shoulder at a disadvantage fourth if you look at the hand position my hands weren't close they're actually spread out while I was pushing with my fingertips and through with the palm of my hand all the way through most importantly lastly my body would straight went for tight up squeeze what's coming all the way down head nice and neutral and exploding on the way up that is a proper push-up let us demonstrate one more time proper push-up with your hands are approximately benchpress grips so think shoulder with a little outside now I'm going to demonstrate the three most common technique errors I see when people are doing push-ups the first one is the lean away meaning that people lean away and back from being a Porsche looks like they're praying to something or something the second way that I see is to lean in meaning they will use their hips or the or stir back to try and get some extra movement going on or to assist with the arms the last one is with the elbows flared out where the elbows are all the way out it's not using mainly women do this but not using nearly as much muscles I was incorrect – thus demonstrate don't shitty horses the key three importance right there are the following one you gotta keep your body straight – that was our flow down there tuck tip and most importantly three when you do this form and when you're trying to do well you got to remember that your shoulders and your hands are lined up so it's underneath each other think your hand is right below your chest line so now you might be wondering how can you put together a program to get a better pushup so the push-up program is actually eldan below in the description so just check it out super simple but to outline it there's three basic things that you could do to help assist your pushup the first is to do push-ups frequently frequency is the key to accelerating any growth in any major movement pattern so what you do many times throughout the day argued several perfect form push-ups don't go to fail you go just until the speed starts to snow so slightly so think frequency volume is important over time to build up strength 1 – there's a different method that you can do it's called the pause at the bottom this is going to eliminate what's known as the stretch reflex so you do a push up like this if you notice that the bottom I was taking a momentary one second pause that allowed the stretch reflex that bounce effect to be eliminated so as all in my hand position is that much more important thirdly and most important will be two different variations if you can't do a push-up yet with your knees off the ground you do with your knees on the ground and also to build up the tricep purchasing power which is necessary for most people you do it with the close grip so to demonstrate notice by building a tricep power your triceps will become more active which is probably one of the most important components but probably the most important component to real pressing power that most people don't have like I said before a full program how to become awesome of push-ups is all detailed below in the description so what am i doing again well now you know I'm practicing my push-ups that right there is the complete form on how to do push-up and how to do them correctly outline the false to avoid I aligned how to do right and I outline how to build your push-ups so you can do push it effectively and properly and get all the benefits like an outline below now like I'm saying go ahead share the Porsche form and tell everyone even your grandmother and I want it here in the comment section below what video you want to see next for me another technique or anything in general I look forward to hearing you later now I to that workout you know I'm saying you see the sweat