oh sure in this episode so let's begin so hi everyone welcome to Keith's candy this is your question protein and we're discussing about exercise this physical fitness diet and you will be and this is the second episode that do we are doing on push-ups don't forget to check out the first episode the link of which will come up right now or you could find out from the description also so in the first episode we talked about the very standard push-up and the push-up for triceps in this episode we are going to talk about a few more variations of the push-ups and why we're doing the standard push-ups what are the points that you need to keep in mind which will be of course therefore all the push-ups and how you can gain from doing this motion so that start us know if you have to be in a standard push-up remember to keep your hands below your shoulder and when you do a push-up you is worse you should not stay out too much so just a quick demonstration of that this is a very standard push-up when I am doing it for change and spreading out my house and without ready for my triceps intestine we might enhance those to him so nice push-up is a very standard exercise it's very popular it is a compound exercise which works on your chest muscles your deltoids of the shoulders your back muscles it also gives you or some stability because you are in a plank position length is something that we will cover on our next topic some other day but it's a very good way to build the upper part of your body and today we're going to see some of that and fast push-ups okay so I got the body so when you do a moonwalk in time to shop it actually effects the different muscle groups and when you do a quad in time you shop it affects different muscle groups so when you are to move on Musha it affects the lower part of your chest more and when you move upward push-up it affects the power part of your chest mode so let's start with the downward motion so what you do is you just need to keep your feet on the table and then do illusions so I am doing a standard push-up we shall put in my chest when I was printing out my house another shot for my triceps when I move my mouse now let's demonstrate up according to evolution so now it's time to do one up in that motion yeah so we upward in Titan shop whatever do is your feet will be on the ground whereas you feeling the pinch so that's how you do it everything to do this for you so that's a very standard push-up it happens the upper part of your chest you can spread out your house and then try this and even those to identify a solution that's all I wanted to share on this episode if you found something useful in this episode please give a like and please subscribe to the channel and very soon I'll be back with the next episode till then take care