– Hey guys, Steve Kamb
from nerdfitness.com here. And I wanted to shoot
a quick video for you while we’re here at Camp Nerd Fitness, to talk about some of the
mistakes that I often see when people are doing a regular push-up. You might think you’re doing them right, but we’re gonna walk you through some of the mistakes that we see and how to actually do them properly. So, I’m joined here by team
members of Nerd Fitness, Jim Bathurst and Staci Artisan, and we’re going to walk you through what some of those mistakes are, and how to do it correctly. (electronic music) Jim, what do you see when
people are doing push-ups? – Alright, let’s get Staci
in a position for a push-up. First off, placing the hands down, so she can rest on her
knees for the moment. So, hands down like this. We want them about shoulder width apart. A lot of times people will
place their hands too wide. That will set us up for
future errors in the motion. So again, get your hands
underneath your shoulders, right about shoulder
width apart like that. Now, once we get ourselves
set up in a position, what we wanna think about is
keeping a nice good solid line from the shoulders to
hips, knees, and feet. A lot of times people will
drop their hips too low. You can see the issues we have: lower back is too arched, also issues up in the shoulders and neck. So, we want to raise it up in line. Now of course people will
also do the opposite. They’ll over-correct if I tell
them to lift their hips up. And that will be too high, okay? So we want to get more
in a line like that. – You’ve heard it called
stripper butt at some point. – You got it, yeah. – I’m just going ahead and
throwing that out there. – Many people have said it,
we’re not gonna say that ’cause we’re better than that. But I’m just saying that some people might’ve called it that at some point. – Here at Camp Nerd Fitness we keep it classier than that, so. – Yeah, we keep it
classier in here, exactly. – I’m Ron Bergundy? – So, the other thing as
well too with the line, we want to keep the head in line, okay? A lot of times people will
jut their chin forward like a chicken in a feed yard, so we make sure it’s all in line with the shoulders and hips. Once we are ready, and
Staci I know is ready to do a push-up right now. – I’ll do push-ups for him. – She’s gonna bend her arms,
lower all the way down, why don’t you stop on the
ground here like this. Now, we’re resting here just
to point out a couple things. One, the shoulders are in a good position. They’re not rounded forward a bit, so if you could round
your shoulders forward just a touch like that. This, we’ve lost, again, we
lost tension in the back. That’s why the shoulders
are rounded forward. So if she keeps the back tight, and doesn’t just go loose in the bottom, keeps the mid-section, hips tight, she’ll be ready to then push
right back up to the top. So, push up. And let’s do it one
more at a normal speed. So, down, keeping it tight
in the back and mid-section, right up, boom, looks fantastic. – [Steve] Nailed it. – We’ll put the knees down
and give her a little rest. Another thing that we see,
so, her arms and her elbows are moving in a good direction
to keep the shoulders and back in a good line. If she starts to either
have her hands wide, or flare her elbows out,
that’s also a common error. So let’s take a look at this. – That’s the one I see more than anybody, is the arms way out wide. – Yeah, so there they are
popping way out like this. And again, it’s not gonna
be very strong at all. It actually surprises a lot of people when you move their hands in a bit and move their elbows in a little bit. The elbows don’t need to
be squeezed in directly by the side, but we want the upper arms somewhere around a 45 degree angle to the body. Let’s try it again. So again, watching the elbows, they’re tucked in just slightly, all the way down, back’s nice and tight, mid-section’s tight, good
solid line from top to bottom. – I got $3 says I can do five push-ups. – Okay, let’s go, five
good ones. Come here. – We’ll show another common error, which is usually the worm, which is losing tension once
we hit the bottom, okay? The worm is fun at a wedding, not fun when we’re doing push-ups. So, we drop down to the bottom, and then the shoulders lift up, but the hips stay down too low. So, worm again. That’s not what we want. Correction for this, so drop
all the way to the ground, is to keep the mid-section nice and tight, so that everything raises
up, boom, in one solid unit. If you find that too challenging to do, that’s why you have the other variations. Stevie, throw me that mat. – [Steve] Sir, yes sir. – Yup, you got it. So we can do the knee push-ups. This of course, just to pad
the knees down as we need to. So, if Staci has her knees on the mat, hands out in front, so hands are the same exact cues we had for the regular push-up. Now, the line that we want is gonna be shoulders, hips and knees, okay? So we no longer have the feet involved. But still the same thing with the head, still the same thing with
the back and shoulders. And you can see, let’s try it again, let’s drop on down, keep
everything nice and tight, and right on up like this. Let’s see the worm in the
knee push-up position. So this is incorrect. See again, you can see the
shoulders lifting up too fast, and we want instead, body lifting up. So let’s go one more correctly. Keeping the mid-section tight. Boom, and everything is
a nice, good, solid line. So that’s a knee push-up, of course a great variation
if the regular push-up gets a little too crazy. We also have incline push-ups. This is another great
variation that we’ll do. With the incline push-ups, think in the same exact
line from shoulders to feet, so everything’s in a solid line, you of course are just
using an elevated surface. Lower on down and right back up. It’s actually exactly what she did. I’ll correct you, don’t worry. (laughs) Make sure that you have your
feet at a proper distance, so that that object or that bar
that you’re lowering down to is hitting somewhere
around mid to lower chest. A lot of times people
will move too far forward, so just take a couple steps, yeah, and hitting down to the belly button is obviously very awkward. Or of course, what people
will do is move back too far, so that you’re coming down more toward your upper chest or face. So you can see already the
elbows are flaring out. This is just way too far from the box. So adjust, play around
with it until again, you get the edge of that box, or that bar, whatever you’re doing the push-up to, ’til you get it hitting
around mid to lower chest. That’s gonna have the
best chance of success for keeping your back tight, keeping your arms and elbows
in a good solid position. Cool, great job. – So, our next video is how
to do the worm at a wedding? – Oh absolutely, yeah, yeah. That’s at the Glow Party later
in the week, so it’ll be fun. (laughs) – Thanks, guys. – No hands. (playful electronic music)