(country music) – For those of you that
don’t have a pull-up bar, you can’t do pull-ups or chin-ups, this is another exercise
you can do in place of them. This is kind of tricky
and it’s a little risky, so make sure you have a
really sturdy kitchen table or you’re going to snap it in half and then you’re going to come
blame me and that’s not cool. So make sure you have a
really strong kitchen table. I would highly recommend
using a pull-up bar instead, but this is a decent alternative for you. What you’re going to do is lie down underneath your kitchen table. ♫ I don’t care if the sky comes crashing – So you’re at the point where your chest is right over the edge, you’re going to grab the
table with your hands right above you, about shoulder-width apart. Keeping your body as straight as possible, just like you are doing a plank, pull yourself up to the
table, and back down. That’s one. Two, kind of pull yourself
up as high as you can. Try to hit your chest to
the bottom of the table. You can do those in place of pull-ups. In place of chin-ups, same thing, table, but you’re going to be
facing the other direction. I’m going to put my feet up
on this chair to make things a little more difficult. You can keep your feet on the
ground if things are too easy, or too tough for you. So you’re going to put
your feet up on a chair, grab the table, same
thing, body at a straight, straight line, pull yourself up. That’s one, lower yourself
all the way back down. Pull yourself up again, that’s two. Pull yourself up again. You can do 10 of those that
way and that’s in place of chin-ups. Like I said one of the best
exercises you can do is pull-ups and chin-ups. I would highly recommend getting a bar. You can get one for 20, 30 bucks, doesn’t even have to be bolted, and my pull-up bar’s not
even bolted into the doorway, but if you don’t have a
pull-up bar or you’re not able to do pull-ups yet, this is a great way for
you to kind of get started. So they’re called
Inverted Body Weight Rows. There’s a post on Nerd Fitness
that you can read about for that exercise and how
well it works your back, your biceps, and your forearms. That’s it guys. Thanks a lot, we’ll catch you next time. ♫ I don’t care if the world comes.