today we are going to learn how to detox your body but before we start make sure to subscribe to this channel by pressing the red button thanks information on how to detox your body through fasting and eating the right foods one of the most popular body cleansing detoxification processes is fasting either with just water or with a variety of juices while food is very important in providing the nutrients your body needs for energy and body processes sometimes the body uses too much energy digesting and not enough time purging toxins if you learn how to detox your body through fasting you can kick-start your body organs to start the cleansing process so that your body can eliminate the toxic build-up fasting information many people for years have used fasting to cleanse the body and you too can figure out how to detox your body through this process the question of the day is probably why the body better detoxifies itself during a period of fasting you expect that you might grow weak without proper nourishment for several days but just think about all the energy your body uses during the digestive process there is no energy left over for cleansing the body how to detox your body should start with fasting because it has proven time and again as a successful way to cleanse yourself from the inside out because you are not eating food and just drinking water or juice your body expends its energy focusing on the different eliminating body organs like the liver kidneys intestines and skin just think about when you are sick you usually do not feel like eating and do not have the urge even though your stomach rumbles this same principle applies here on how to detox your body the cleansing process is considered the illness your body must defend itself against thus cleansing itself of harmful toxins types of fasting while you might view fasting as eating nothing but drinking just water there are several different types of fasting to solve the problem of how to detox your body besides the pure fast where you drink just water you can learn how to detox your body through juice fasts or what is called a mana food fast with a juice fast you must create your own fresh juices each day rather than buying something store but unless you know it is all-natural and fresh like through an organic whole food store how to detox your body through juice fasting is likely more attractive and palatable than the pure form the rule for juice fasting though is to choose only one fruit or vegetable with cleansing properties like carrots watermelons or anything with antioxidants this provides the body with the fuel it needs without taxing the digestive system mana food fasting is another option on how to detox your body and involves eating only one food either one vegetable or fruit that has cleansing and antioxidant properties it works much the same way as juice fasting and that you can only choose that one vegetable or fruit combinations are not allowed how to detox your body can be quite easy but it does take some effort to stay true to courses you may become hungry and want to eat however if you can stick with the plan for just two or three days figuring out how to detox your body will become a whole lot easier just doing it once or twice a year should be sufficient and provide you great benefits such as increased energy and fewer incidences of ordinary illnesses like cold and flu thanks much for watching like share and subscribe