how to detox your body so you never feel sick or tired we are living in a world that is surrounded by various toxins dangerous chemicals and serious stress some of us are around it more intensely than others we are all surrounded by it more or less people these days are trying more and more to figure out ways to stay as healthy as they possibly can with the help of besties we'll teach you how to detox how to stay healthy and keep yourself from getting sick but first before we begin this video don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so you never miss our new videos alright so let's talk about how to detox and keeping yourself from getting sick according to healthy living your body is capable of accumulating bacteria in various different ways it could be through food drinks in particular products that are being used detoxing is an efficient way to get those harmful bacteria out of your body and promote healthy bacteria there are different ways to detox one way is drinking a ton of water healthy living notes that you need to flush out the nasty bacteria by flushing it out with water another way could be through sweating it out you can sit in a sauna for about 20 minutes you could always just sleep through your sickness but that wastes a lot of time that you might not have to spare however there is one superfood that can help restore your body back to optimal health and stop you from getting sick spirulina so what exactly is spirulina according to MedlinePlus it's an organism that grows in both fresh and saltwater it's a type of bacteria called cyanobacteria which is often referred to as blue-green algae just like any plant cyanobacteria are capable of producing energy out of sunlight through photosynthesis alright enough of the science background of this plant how does it benefit us and our well authority diet notes that a single tablespoon of dried spirulina powder has all sorts of important stuff it has four grams of protein vitamin b1 vitamin b2 vitamin b3 copper and iron that's a ton of stuff in just a small amount of plant don't sleep on this stuff because it's actually mind boggling how nutritious this plant truly is so what are its benefits and how does it actually help us and our health well people are promoting spirulina as a treatment for various metabolic and health issues according to live science metabolic and health issues include weight loss diabetes and high cholesterol according to the National Institutes of Health live science also notes that spirulina can also work to help with various mental and emotional disorders such as anxiety stress depression as well as ADHD the site also adds that it can help a range of eclectic health problems like premenstrual symptoms and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis according to the NIH BBC's good food notes that most of the studies on the benefits of spirulina have mostly been conducted on animals or in small humans so more research is needed the site notes that there has been research on the benefits of spirulina and its positive effects on blood glucose levels they also note that in 2017 a paper was published that demonstrated that spirulina decreased blood glucose levels in diabetic mice this suggests that this may be beneficial to the future of those with type 1 diabetes well-being secrets and notes that besides the fact that this plant is rich in protein it has a ton of essential amino acids but with any new supplement you're curious about trying make sure to consult your doctor or a health professional just to be sure so how do you consume spirulina well you can stir a small spoonful of it in powder form into a glass of water or juice and drink it straight according to Bon Appetit calm or you can add it to a smoothie it's that simple well now that we know how to detox with spirulina what are some ways we could teach you to detox more importantly how do we stop ourselves from becoming tired getting sick or ill and staying healthy in general sure you could just sleep it all off but we have some better ways to get yourself back to perfect health keep on viewing viewers because you're besties is about to drop some serious health knowledge on you cleanse with food the important thing we have to note on our first step to how to detox is when you're cleansing with food it should be healthy food that kind of seems like a no-brainer we know but we want to make sure you understand the full scale of this health guide the first thing you have to do according to the scientists at max living is to remove all the toxifying foods in your life a good example of this is fructose which is commonly found in soda we know how hard it might be but you're going to have to give up those diet cokes the next thing you'll have to take out is trans fats and damaged fats keep in mind these things can show up in food even if the label says low in fat so make sure you check the ingredients before you buy anything lastly you'll have to get rid of food sensitivities which is in stuff like gluten dairy soy and horn the health experts at max living recommend getting rid of these foods if you're trying not to get ill or if you're trying to detox in general we know this is a lot of information to take in and a lot of stuff to cut out but we're getting to the part where we talk about what you can eat right now first add some more natural fats and oils to your diet but besties we hear you ask didn't you just tell us to take out fats you must be tired or sleeping because we said trans fats not natural fats extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil are two great examples of natural fats and will help you detox next add some nuts and seeds to your diet almonds sunflower seeds walnuts peanuts and flax seeds they're all obvious examples of this protein rich superfood so if you're looking at how to detox you'll want to add these to your diet these are also great for after workouts or if you're consistently tired as they are filled to the brim with good proteins they're good sources of fiber as well which helps keep you regular speaking of proteins you'll want to add them in general to your new detox healthy lifestyle organic grass-fed beef and wild caught seafood are two good examples but lean turkey and chicken are even better these foods are great for detoxing your liver especially so if you find yourself drinking a lot which you shouldn't be doing if you're trying to detox anyway then consider adding these foods to your diet in fact if you're trying to stay healthy add these foods to your diet anyway sorry vegetarians at least you'll always have seeds and nuts next on our guide to how to detox let's talk about legumes don't be confused French viewers we don't mean vegetables although those are pretty good for you we mean stuff like beans and lentils because these babies are great if you're learning to detox or trying to stay away from getting sick these are chock full of fiber which means they'll flush out all the toxins from your body keeping you from li'l anytime soon they also contain amino acid precursors which max living says are great for your new detox lifestyle alright so now let's move on to fruits you know fruits apples bananas strawberries blueberries etc anyway these babies are great for detoxing because they contain phytonutrients like beta-carotene lutein and antha syonan that protect against toxins who we know that's a lot of big scary science II words we just threw at you but the point is you need to add more fruit to your diet they also contain a whole bunch of fiber which as we know is great for flushing out toxins plus vitamin C something that's found in oranges especially will keep your body from getting sick or ill finally let's talk about vegetables all right French viewers come back now because we're talking about legumes instead of legumes yes you heard that right and it's funnier if you speak French anyway vegetables are great for learning how to detox and practicing that art because they're full of nutrients among those nutrients are phytochemicals that can help you detoxify like many other items on this list they're also full of fiber be warned however stay away from starchy vegetables they are less healthy for you than their non starchy counterparts just stick to cauliflower asparagus and cucumber heck you can even throw an eggplant in if you're feeling extra fancy and that's it what did you think of our list are you a healthy living kind of person who knows how to detox and would like to share your knowledge with us maybe we missed one of the best foods for detoxing and you'd like to inform the world let us know in the comments section below all about your detox routine enjoyed this video hit the like button and share with your friends also subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks for watching