hi I'm Jamal a Chappell and today I'm talk a little bit about how to do a parasite detox one thing to keep in mind when you're doing a parasite detox is you want to avoid certain types of foods you want to avoid foods with sugar cookies and breads and pastas most things with carbohydrates um cakes and pastries and whatnot cereal and is anything that you that has a lot of sugar in it or carbs pretty much so just try to avoid that I probably eat a salad dieter juice juicing vegetables or such as um a couple things for killing these bad boys out of your body they have several things here and there's definitely more things they don't like things that we don't like so keep that in mind we do like garlic but we don't normally you don't need garlic raw you know so anyway you could try to find a way to eat garlic raw um mince it put it in with a homemade salad dressing maybe just top it on your salad or top it on your meal after it's been cooked to three cloves of it it's fine another one I like to put in my smoothies is ginger I take a chunk of it probably bought like that you know and I peel the skin off of it because I don't like the taste of the skin you know it's the pungent this and the inside of it that they don't like real spicy like ah cayenne pepper you know people don't put this much cayenne pepper that you know you get one of these pills take two two of these daily and you know you see how much how big they are it's quite a bit of cayenne pepper too take you know just take that down some water that's just going to just kill them you don't so spicy like you know and I got some grapefruit seed extract this stuff is really potent for them um who do you take this ten drops and five ounces of water I got a sixteen point nine ounce bottle here cuz I'll throw ten drops this stuff's pretty thick oh wow I'd came out I don't know how many drops you know I probably already overdone it but you know I like to eradicate the parasite so I overdo it you know and so your choice you know you could do one thing to thing three thing like to overdo with a this here clove bud this stuff right here we'll take care of the parasites in your body what do you use what is this some of these things are all different all here it is right here two ounces of water shake well and 20 drops of this so one two three Wow that's a little bit more in 20 isn't it again probably one I mixed some of these a lot of yous mix two or three of them but for this video I'm just going to do a oldie hopefully I don't have to go to hospital or nothing I use wormwood a lot so I know that's 20 and this that's per two ounces of water so keep in mind and this is black walnut as this one is a full dropper one full dropper squeeze that's real simple of this stuff here you don't like this stuff you know if you were to taste this stuff you wouldn't like it either and I don't believe this water is going to taste well either what else do we have here would black walnut now this oregano oil oregano is a lot I usually use this with the wormwood a lot until II believe it's four drops of this one yeah four drops per whatever like you know I had that you know this is just starting to look like a concoction here it tastes like or Reagan off so you'll love that one right I'll just mix those few together where's my top that's what happens when you're doing too much Wow well that's not good mix that well you're not going to like the taste of this by the way I mean firm what alone is just an oregano it's kind of burned your lip if you got a cut on it you don't even need a cup of cut on it you burn your lip you know mix it up good it's more enough water oh look at there I think I left two cayenne pepper pills I'll take those down with so I'm going to eradicate these bad boys like so it wasn't bad at all I tasted the wormwood for sure and I taste the oregano I think I might've tasted the grape seed grapefruit seed extract as well not bad another thing that you can use is these pumpkin seeds they do not like pumpkin seeds I won't go in eating those right now because I need to talk so take about a cup full or handful of those half a cup of those you know put them in your salad or eat them as a snack while your work during the day whatever and that's how you kill parasites I'd stay on this regimen for about a week to two weeks you know depends on how flooded your system is I take this stuff all the time um I have another couple things here to help detox your colon one thing I use this pretty much every day several times a day especially when I go back to work in the work season I just I keep lots of this with me and I add it to my water I probably put way too much in there it will definitely cleanse your colon and this here this psyllium psyllium husk or psyllium Hall you use either or um you mix this in with about eight ounces of water and you know I just crushed my water bottle so we'll just have to trust me on that one right brought the measuring cup of a teaspoon water but this stuff here is really good for pulling all the toxins out of your colon this is probably better than than this definitely because what it does but this is something I definitely recommend getting and using least once a day or actually two three times a day use that since L mean it's hard it's so many things here and you only supposed to drink about a gallon of water a day anyway so if you want to add this stuff to your water and just stay away from the sweet stuff while you're doing it detox because it's not going to help it's just like keeping them alive just like starving a human but you know feeding them at the same time it doesn't work like that you're just going backwards this stuff is just going to eat them alive and also another good thing to use is some diatomaceous earth that just rip them to shreds and cleanses out your colon at the same time so I usually start my day out with some distilled water and I put some hydrogen peroxide and I probably wait like a half-hour not get some more distilled water and I'll put big heaping tablespoon of diatomaceous earth mix that then I start out with my green smoothie which has all types of stuff in it from the ginger to the what is it spirulina I put the chlorella and I put some black cumin seed oil and add about a teaspoon of that with some water I don't use milk in my school needs to blend that up that holds me four to three hours you know and when I go back to season the work season I'll probably just bring salads and I'll just that's the best time for me to my detox because it's like when you go to work that's the best time because you could just force yourself to eat a certain thing you know you just bring I'm just going to bring a salad to work you know and I'm gonna bring this and that you know and there's no thinning machine so I'm like if I get hungry I got no choice but does so and just make sure when you get home you eat a well-balanced meal on top of that you know just stay away from the carbohydrates and the sugars you know you go a few days without those things once you cleanse your body of most of these parasites you don't have the urge for the sweet stuff no more sugars you know I haven't had known juice and so long I mean it's been months you know parasites they're doing to kind of like us and you what do you like the sweet stuff but you don't like the stuff that tastes pungent and tart like this you know this stuff you can pick this stuff at any health food store wherever you know I can order it online you know everybody knows we're fine with garlic you know definitely want to get the it's fine as much organic as possible natural you know you don't want the GMOs or the pesticides and none of that stuff so pretty much that's it and if you want to know what a parasite looks like um pretty much look like worms pretty much you know really they look all different types of ways but you don't want those tapeworm looking ones or if you've seen the videos on the internet those look like spaghetti strands and they're just loads of them some people just have like pounds of them in their gut you know and you wonder why your gut is just sitting up like that it's not just all fat and you know fast just a thin layer you know underneath your skin but this stuff just sits inside your gut and just has it hanging out like it's not good and it makes you not you're just tired you know and you'll feel like doing nothing I sleep a lot and just lazy it just that's a good sign that you got parasites we all have them you know we just gotta limit them from us and try to keep them from inside of us because they really do control our thoughts and actions you know from what we eat and how we think you know so it's definitely a good thing that cleanse them out of your body I've been noticing I've been thinking differently you know when before I even knew about parasites you know but I was into this food health food thing that's going on around everywhere I started eating certain things and cleansing my body not even notice I'm cleansing parasites out of it so I just it changed me a lot you know it changed way my body luck to y'all I had a little bit of stomach you know I was always mind conscious about it but you definitely want to get some of this stuff for all loving papaya seeds there's probably a papaya seed extract um turmeric is good cardamom is good horseradish is it's a lot of things that that kill the parasites you know you just definitely want to take more of that and less of the sugar because sugar is not good it creates an acidic vironment so cancer can just grow and blossom you just want to stay away from that stuff okay that's all I got for you today and take care of yourself okay thank you goodbye