hey guys it's your girl Joe here today I thought I would walk my experience of bouncing back after a vacation I don't always like feel super great when I'm coming back from vacation especially ones like the one I just had when I just had was not work vacation it was literally all for enjoyment and pleasure and we didn't feel the need to do a whole bunch of work I only worked out once and that workout was kind of half-assed because I really didn't like the gym we were and I did like a band workout in my room but I didn't really count that as a full workout so today we're gonna be talking about my bounce-back routine and how did it bounce back even like if you're not going on vacation even if it's like a week where you just have a really sluggish week or you didn't eat as healthy as you could have this is the bounce-back routine this morning I even though I am jet-lagged our bodies are eight hours ahead right now so right now what time is it eight forty eight but our bodies are feeling like it is like 4:30 4:40 p.m. so I woke up this morning and usually my experience with waking up jet-lagged is that I'm bloated and sure enough this morning I woke up and my stomach was like out to the next street over I was like man I gotta start drinking water my first thought was a guy drank water drink as much water as I can that will relieve any gas or at water retention from the flight it was 11 hour flight and it will like make sure that I am feeling a little bit more ready for today and that today will be productive because I know a lot of times when we get sluggish the reason we stay out of that physical activity routine or the healthy eating routine is because we allow the sluggishness to like keep perpetuating itself and we don't make that one step that will bring us closer to actually making better choices so like healthier choices not necessarily better choices healthier choices yesterday when I was on the plane for 11 hours I was doing a million things and one of those things was I signed myself for a for a class I usually do a spin class like as a part of my regular routine when I'm here in Toronto and so I decided that I'm gonna go do a spin class and I signed myself up beforehand because I know that if I didn't do that I would come home I would go to sleep I'd wake up go man I just want to sleep for a couple more hours but because I signed myself up for that class my body kind of told me like okay it's time to get going so I went to that class I died I always died those classes I always say that soul cycle classes they are like waking up to a party so soul cycle if you want to sponsor me let's talk so I went there got a good sweat on amazing sweat I don't usually use this in my regular routine because I don't feel the need to sweat more than I already do because I don't want to like dehydrate myself so I used this when I'm I feel like I'm holding a lot of water or have any water retention so from the plane especially so I just put this on my stomach and on my arms and that allowed me to sweat a little bit more and gets a little bit more of the water for out from under my skin so I did that I did the class came out felt great Larry and uh Bentley met me there Bentley's looking chunky hey Bailey I look at chunky he gained some weight while we were away yeah he's on the detox today too just kidding and now we're about to go to the grocery store and get some ingredients to make some juices so we're gonna soar now I'm gonna be making some lemon detox tea this is not necessary but this one usually kind of like wakes up my systems allows my like digestion to speed up I know like on vacation I usually eat more like bread and like dairy than I usually do I usually don't even keep bread or dairy in the house so what I'm going to keep vacation I I do that more and then everything in here is also organic so it's an organic healthy way to quote-unquote detox I don't really believe in full detoxes but this one helps get things going hm get all these teas so I actually forgot to mention that at Starbucks I grabbed an Americano this morning usually what I actually feel a lot very inflamed or like when I have to pop back into routine I usually follow something over like a vegan approach because I feel like cheeses and dairy gets me inflamed so I didn't have any cream or sugar or anything in my coffee just straight back I would usually go into this island grab some olives hello to all you all lives out all the lovers out there comment down in the comments if you love olives olives are actually really full of sodium so if you're wanting to get your water weight back down you're gonna want to stay away from sodium if you're gonna get some nuts you're gonna want to look for the unsalted ones there is getting some natural delights that happens before they're actually really good and their date rolls with golden coconut and they're like 70 calories but they're so good that I always have a problem with like I eat one and then I want another one and then I want another one they're not necessarily a low-calorie snack so Larry's gonna indulge in those my favorite section produce so I think what we're actually gonna be doing this week is ordering from hellofresh we're gonna get all of our food supplies from somebody else and we'll do all the cooking we're gonna be really really busy this week and next week kind of just like coming back starting a whole bunch of product projects completing more projects working on new projects all these things so our time is very valuable right now so we're getting stuff to juice that we can have first thing in the morning celery is one of them that's gonna help me with my skin and just with like metabolism and all good things so we're gonna juice mostly and then all the foods that we get from hellofresh we're going to use to make our meals we go and be on the celery juice this week we're gonna get some beets meats and carrots let's get let's get three we're also going to get some citrus just boost our like immunity because it's easy to get sick when you're jet-lagged and when you come back from the country it's very easy to get sick I've learned that the hard way many times so we're gonna get some oranges lemons grapefruit ginger yes one tip that my mom always told me when she goes shopping for produce is to look at the stem of the fruit and if this stem is not like rotting or like like molding then then it's a good fruit this one right here is an example of a good one because it's not getting all like brown and gross this one was probably not gonna be as nice inside so we're gonna look for another one we're gonna give these ones a try they're like a red orange see they like turn red on the other thing and that's not rotting that's like just the kind they are and this one says it has natural energy so we'll see about that skip if my mind tells me to buy more tea but my drawer says no this one looks great yeah humble TV and it's cute it's so cute it's in a jar kind of but like I don't have room for it did you see my teacher oh joy my teacher he's so supportive of the things that I like mostly because he likes them to experience you know every time I love Earl Grey peppermint will help you find me Oh tell me you want some of that I don't really like green tea though no I like its packaging cuz I just get like that rogue gray okay oh yeah we're actually gonna get today some dark chocolate almond milk this one has a few more calories and buy a few more I mean like 70 more of her Cup but we're gonna be using this to make a chia pudding a chocolate chia pudding is that like a great breakfast breaks great start to the day chia seeds are amazing for having healthy fats protein getting it your digestion going so we're gonna so I'm getting from bio raw this company actually works with them in the past and I really really really enjoy their bowls they're really great fools that are organic they're a vegan gluten-free they have a lot of protein in them and it's all plant protein you can eat it like this raw or you can like fry it up I absolutely love it but they're organic dressing in there so good one of my favorites is that yes I also like the balance the ninja as well they also love this shred the chop-chop is great too I'm actually gonna get yester and shred we've got Larry on the donkey haul got one saddle on each side carry home carrying home food for his family I was very successful trip yep we had a budget of $100 and we went over about 15 bucks 15 yeah just 15 dollars over a hundred that was our budget for today and spending for like juices and all those things for the week and then we're gonna go and get some stuff from hellofresh eating what we got today at the grocery store nothing huge grapefruits lemons avocados healthy fats are really important in getting a right bacteria in your gut and to maintain a healthy metabolism as you come back to a normal diet a healthy diet so healthy fats we got some beets to juice we got some food for the lunch and we decided to stop getting our drinks every single morning from Starbucks so we got a little coffee bruising with some Starbucks [Applause] [Applause] so on the days that I am detoxing they're coming back from not being in routine or being on vacation some of the things that are really important for me is to be a little more comfortable to drink lots of water to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients that you need and to like get back on track so I like to wear comfy clothes when I'm like bouncing back some people find this like less motivating because they're like oh I want to wear my tech clothes so that like it motivates me to go to the gym I like being in comfy clothes I feel comfy don't feel stressed my body doesn't feel stressed I just wear this clothes these cups I got from when I was in Greece they're like piss that like tie in the back of the front and I just get comfy so when you come back a lot of people say oh I'm gonna go on a detox to me personally I do not think that any toxins are actually real things I don't think that the methods that we go through allow us to detox our body per se but it does help us eliminate water helps us feel a little bit better and get more nutrients infused into our system so our immune system is better and our metabolism and digestion is working better that doesn't necessarily mean that you're washing out toxins per se that is the job of your liver but the fact that you are taking into consideration the fact that you're going to need more nutrient-dense food so food that is lower in calories but high in nutrient content or in fact you were drinking more water or having more citrus or any of those things are gonna help you restart here kind of your your digestion and gonna help you really any water retention that you may have felt if you've been off the routine for a week or two you're more than likely not to have gained that much weight you're more than likely just holding a lot of water and your digestive systems probably messed up a little bit so when you're going into a detox try not to think of it as you flushing toxins out of your system per se but more of you restarting your systems so that you feel ready and able to move more to drink more to eat better and all that so if you guys really liked this video if you liked if you took something away from this video make sure to comment below what you do to detox or what you're going to do next time to detox and make sure you hit like and subscribe for more videos like this until next time