and if you are new to mom joke this is not channel welcome and don't forget to subscribe and give us your yeah so let's get to point number one all right so with spring coming and we said if you want to start to lighten up it was really long winter b-house what you're in Toronto so the first thing that's really important is to drink more water okay it seems simple the struggle I can't tell you how many people don't drink enough order and have their health and their skin and their energy suffers from that you want to drink about half your body weight in ounces okay let's do the math yeah like like eight ounces okay Wow yeah safety which is what they fixed it okay if those four senators and something to make it even better is to add lemon chill water so I usually give my clients a tip to start every single day with the juice of half a lemon and a glass of water okay we've been being is that most people start their day with coffee right coffee is very dehydrating meaning you wake up to hydrated already copy is also very acidic okay got me cuz they specifically don't eat so starting your day with coffee is like literally stimulating your day right from the get-go we're already so rough and the first thing you're putting in is a sting so we're gonna lift that to shift that starting with lemon and water is I'd radio lemons are alkalinizing to the system and that people think there's today they come into the body it's a good dose of vitamin C they're really good for you bigger which is their baby talk organism they get things moving quicker and they're also great for digestion she's got a question please does it have to be hot warm or cold water great question first some will say I don't worry so much about you know we don't have so much time in the morning anyway right so what does John Pat what is number two so number two is we want to eliminate the most toxic things which are refined sugar and weight carbohydrates alcohol but you want to work you can either do a full cleanser eliminating all of it or even just be mindful of starting to choose the proper load cutting out a lot of different sugar maybe cutting back on alcohol is a great date of service summer is upon us I do CSUN BBQ seasoning is there one boozy drink that's not as fat so is question and the answer is yes the cleanest alcohol to drink alcohol that has the least amount of harm on your system actually tequila but again making sure you're just mixing it with lemon ice okay forget it then you're getting the sugar the alcohol mix which is like wine which is very hard on the system so carbon question warm or no work number three which is number three would be that you want to start to increase class of vegetables for Christopher's day like broccoli and cabbage and cauliflower they have a specific component in that called indole-3-carbinol which actually helps the liver detox formal around excess hormones like excess estrogens that come from plastics and some process moves the end of 3 carbon all in the cruciferous vegetables help to cleanse those out of our systems when spring you want to make sure they're eating at about I would say one day is chaotic kale broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts beautiful why don't you cook it does it's a good question so lightly steaming raw is the best way to get fries of nutrients lightly steamed will be static max and roasting or cooking does take some nutrients out but you're still getting some she's like you just at this point just get them into the fourth tip is to increase your fiber the best way to get things out is cheap that things out right it's not two of your elimination and you know have good healthy strong bowel movement so I usually recommend that people add as good fiber source to their diet and spraying something like chia seeds so one tablespoon of chia seeds a day will really improve really our movement just one give me a tablespoon right now right now guys like not to get all you know gross here but like one tablespoon of chia seeds you'll know this really much more satisfying and healthy bowel movement flax seeds are great too but they do have to be ground drive effects or just eating them full won't do it for you they'll come straight driving to right rising them so adding some kind of fiber source Chia and flax and we'll really have seeds who will really help too it's so tiny so there's one last one that you told us about and it has nothing to do with food right cut of everything to do with put at the same time yeah you want to think about you know what is not serving anything mm-hmm what do you want to let go of and this could be with you you know maybe you're someone who drinks alcohol every night before that if you kind of know away you know or made you drink too much coffee or maybe every day at 4 o'clock you you know are eating so much sugar I mean you just you know it's observing yes yes but you don't know it yet yeah starting to think about that but it could go beyond that maybe there's you know some toxic people in your life maybe you're getting too busy in your working you need to find health on no means making times reflect on your life and really think about what just isn't working anymore and how can you start to take some action cheese it but if you don't stop to reflect we can't cleanse that stuff you'll find that you are less inclined to worship and you're less inclined to want wine they're less inclined to wanna sort of thank you these are incredibly informative tips and I think from what you're saying it sounds like even if you just do one if not all five to start you're gonna see a messed up today and they're all pretty doable okay I feel like I'm gonna take all five of them and put them in my homework right did you guys like what you heard yeah you do bethink give us some comments share your thoughts below yeah we want to know what's your favorite tip from all of these and if you're already doing some of them also subscribe to our channel if you're new to us to keep abreast offer latest videos and if you're not yet following us on social media at finding onder's where you can find us yeah hey dr. Johnny Larry is great and factory happy summer bye guys