How to Create a Nutrition Facts Label
I am going to show you in this video how to make a nutrition fact label with the help
of Shop’NCook software. Here is a recipe for Crab Louis salad. Shop’NCook software computes automatically
the nutritional information. Getting an accurate nutritional analysis is
the subject of another video, so we are just going to take the nutritional analysis here
shown in the software. Here is how you convert this nutritional analysis
into a nutrition facts label. If you display the recipe, the nutritional
analysis has not many details, so we open the preferences and display the Nutrition
tab. Here you have the list of the nutrients that
you can display in the recipe. You can select the nutrients you need and
just click on the arrow to add them to the list, and you can here select the format into
which you want to display them. I recommend you to select “Table format”. This will make it easier to make the nutrition
facts label. Click “OK” to save the preferences. Now, if you display the recipe, just scroll
down. You can see that the nutritional analysis
is in table form, and has more information than before. Now, display Shop’NCook web page ( At the bottom of the page you have the link
to the Nutrition Facts labeling tool. This is a free online tool to create nutrition
facts panels. I am going to move this window on one side,
and the nutritional analysis on the other in order to have both side-by-side to make
it easier to input the values. The serving size is about 400 grams. I input it here. Here I am inputting all the nutritional values
calculated from the software. That is calories, total fat, saturated fat,
trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, and protein. We don’t need voluntary components, but
since we computed the amount of potassium, let’s include it. Now, vitamin and minerals, we have both the
actual values and amounts in percent. We can input the actual values. We won’t include optional vitamins or minerals. If we want to create the nutritional label
to label a product for sale, we need to include an ingredient list with the ingredients sorted
by decreasing weight. If you display the Nutrition tab of the recipe
in Shop’NCook Pro Software you will see the weight of each ingredient in grams. Then you can easily order them by weight. That is here: lettuce, crab, asparagus, tomato,
avocado, French dressing, egg, chili sauce, mayonnaise, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce,
and black pepper. You can also specify in parenthesis the ingredients
of the French dressing that is mayonnaise, mustard, oil, salt and pepper. We can also include a list of allergens. In our case we have egg, crustacean shellfish,
crab, no tree nuts, no wheat, no peanut, and no soybeans. We will not include here the name and address
of the manufacturer. We just click on “Create label” to generate
the nutrition facts label. The label is formatted and the nutritional
values are rounded according to the rules of the FDA. You can also generate the label in a shorter
format if you don’t have much place on your product. You can use the browser back button to come
back to a previous screen. Scroll up and select “short format” and
now you can create again the label in a shorter format. That’s all for nutrition facts labeling.