(voiceover) – Okay. The next thing we’re gonna do is anti-aging nutrition, anti-aging foods for an anti-aging diet, okay? Now, you see here, we have a yellow bell pepper. Now, this bell pepper isn’t perfect. I got it at the Farmer’s Market. What was it? It was three in a bag for $1, okay? So here we have the yellow — I mean the red onion. Oh, those are like about probably about 25 cents or something like that. This stuff comes right out of the ground, it’s cheap, and it does miracles for your body. You see that? You see all the different colors there? That’s very very important. When you want to do anti-aging, and you select white foods — I guess that’s alright as long as it’s not powder — but try to go for the darker colors, okay, or the colors with heavy pigments. Those are the ones that are gonna prove as a powerful resource for an anti-aging diet, okay? We’re going to cut these vegetables up and I’m going to show you exactly how to cook ’em. I’ll be right back. Okay. After you cut the vegetables up, you’re going to line the pan with olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper. Very, very simple. We keep it easy. ‘Cause we’re moms, we have kids, and we don’t have time for a lot of fancy stuff. – That’s right. – In and out. – That’s it. – It’s very, very easy to do. So you take all this, cut it up to your desired size. You see all the different colors in there? – Yeah, it’s beautiful. – And you know what? This tastes good. – Uh-huh. – People don’t realize how good this is. Man, look at all that. – Yup. And it cooks really fast. You don’t want to overcook your vegetables, because I know with certain compounds in vegetables like sulphorophane, you can actually kill the sulphorophane. So you want to cook your vegetables to a medium consistency. So I have, like I said — – So they’re not too hard but they’re not too soft, right? – Right, especially with vegetables like this, you just want to cook ’em for a few minutes. Maybe I’d say a couple — a minute and a half, something like that. Super, super good. Look at that Teri, look at that. – It’s excellent. – Beautiful color. – Don’t you wish you were here to eat dinner with us? – And this is the way we eat pretty much every day. Pretty much. And when you eat out, if you want to really control your weight and control aging, and stall the aging process, you definitely want to eat like this. This here, and this chicken here is an example of an anti-aging diet. Because you have a protein — this is phase one. When you’re eating a meat, like this chicken adobo here, and then you’re eating a vegetable, if you eat this by itself, that’s phase one. That’s Atkins phase one. He’s hardcore phase one. But that’s like vegetables and a protein source. But when you look at how dense the nutrition is, you’re not going to feel hungry. So if you want to do, say, a phase two, you add a starch. But always make sure it’s a low glycemic starch like brown rice, okay? And you know what? I think that about does it, doesn’t it? – And then you made a salad, too, or I made the salad. – Well, I guess we’ll have to take a look at our salad. See the color here? You never use iceberg lettuce, you’re gonna use spinach, okay? It’s dark, heavy, tomatoes, radishes, all the good stuff, bell peppers if you want. – Tomatoes. – Very, very good. – So we’re having these two here, that, that. You’re not going to feel hungry at all. Okay. And then for dessert — what are we having for dessert, ice cream? – I thought you were going to make banana walnut bread. – Oh, yeah, I did. Maybe next time, because it’s getting kinda late. But we’re going to show you guys how to do that too. So anyway, you guys have a great night. With love from The Healthy Diet Paradise. – Thanks for watching. – Have a good night.