Okay. The next thing we’re going to talk about
here is the proper diet for your tortoise. Now, tortoises are for the most part obligated
vegetarians. As you can see, this guy is going to like anything that’s a dark, leafy green.
We’re looking for things like kale, dandelion greens, romaine lettuces. Stay away from iceberg
because they have no nutritional value. We want something that’s deep green, and red
and looks nice and lush, okay. They do need a diet that is high in fiber, high in calcium,
and low in protein. Okay. Other good treats are things like timothy grass, or alfalfa
hay. Wheatgrass works well works as well. And keep a varied diet, don’t keep giving
them the same greens over and over again. You want to give them a variety of things
to choose from. And in fact, some people find that it works very well to do small piles
of the same types of greens throughout the enclosure. What that will do is stimulate
a very natural feeding response for them. They tend to wander from bush to bush, picking
and eating what they desire. The occasional fruit isn’t harmful, but don’t overdo it.
Every so often maybe a little bit of strawberry or a little bit of some other type of berry
but be very stingy with it as we don’t want to be unhealthy with the tortoise.