so you've got a hot date tonight and you want to last longer in bed I have got you covered my friends well you can't cure premature ejaculation in a day you can absolutely build stamina and confidence which is exactly what you need to last longer in bed tonight so here is my quickest tip for building stamina and lasting longer instantly oh you're gonna want to watch to the end of this video because I'm gonna give you three stellar tips and if you don't implement all three of them perfectly then none of them are gonna work so watch all the way to the end if you really want to see results if you're watching this you're not alone premature ejaculation affects 3 out of every 10 men that's 30% and some statistics say it's actually even more as in 5 out of 10 1/2 of all men sometimes experience premature ejaculation so you are in good company in fact you're in the company most of the men out there as a Sexton relationship coach I work almost exclusively with men who have premature ejaculation and I will tell you that you can cure it pretty quickly usually someone only works with me for 90 days often it's about the 60-day mark that we would consider a PE to be basically cured but that said it's not going to take you 60 days to build some stamina so if you're someone who's reaching orgasm in under five minutes tonight you might be able to boost your time to over 5 minutes 7 8 9 even 10 minutes by tomorrow if you follow this tip this tip is not go workout I was just lexan alright if your date is tonight first step is to masturbate today during the day now this ever since there's something about mary came out this has been a pretty well known tip but why does it work well without the whole scientific lesson here essentially fluids build up in your body that put pressure on your body to ejaculate so if you've cleared out those fluids recently by masturbating all the way to ejaculation earlier in the day then there's gonna be less pressure built up that's wanting you it's kind of saying like hey man let's ejaculate later tonight now one important caveat is it's not enough to just masturbate today you need to masturbate for 10 to 15 minutes even if that's really challenging for you you can get started take your hands off and come back to it later but do not let yourself ejaculate quickly because you're actually going to be reinforcing that system that wants to go from erection to ejaculation as quickly as possible so masturbate but masturbate over the course of at least 10 minutes and if you find that hard to do I challenge you to go watch the other videos on my channel because I talk a lot about how to last longer even during masturbation in other videos but for this video suffice it to say masturbate today before your date tonight step number two is all about getting out of fight-or-flight and into your rest and digest nervous system when you know that sexual activity is about to commence in other words you're nervous understandably so you've just had this date maybe it went well maybe it didn't go so well but either way you've had PE in the past you prematurely ejaculated recently and now you're alone with this woman what happens in your body right you you're nervous you can feel like maybe you have a cold sweat maybe your hands are clammy maybe you feel your heart racing but whatever happens you're in fight or flight mode okay you feel that like jumpy Adrenaline's whatever like that better flight mode is sometimes what causes PE to happen to begin with it's almost like because your body feels like there's gonna be a tiger jumping out and killing you and eating your guts at any given moment if you go to have sex your body's gonna go to finish that sex really quickly it's gonna just be like let's ejaculate in case that Tiger comes and eats us only in this case there's no Tiger you're just nervous about disappointing this woman right so in order to get through that we've got to train your nervous system that it's okay it's safe there's no Tiger I'm not gonna get my guts eaten in any given moment the best way to do that is through breathing so I will teach it to you right now but the trick is that when you are with this woman you tuck away to the bathroom or you can even do this while you're with her but if you practice it on your own beforehand it's gonna be a lot easier you do this breathing technique to help you get out of Tiger mode and into ter mode okay let's practice it together number one close your eyes that's right I know you're watching YouTube if you're driving don't close your eyes but if you're just sitting at home watching YouTube close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and relax it out your mouth make a little sound in the exhale in through your nose out through your mouth is a little sigh now in your next breath breathe slowly into the count of four so breathe in two three four exhale two three four take your next deep breath in breathe in all the way fully and then exhale all the way felice there's no stale air left over in your lungs and finally on your next breath in at on your next breath in after you get to four I want you to hold your breath to the count of four and then relax and release it I'll demonstrate for you now and repeat this breath causes you to move slowly holding your breath allows you to get more oxygen from each deep inhale and when you exhale all the way out so that there's no air left in your lungs you give your body the best chance to take a deep really oxygenating inhale if you do this for 10 breaths you will start to notice a shift in your body if you've been doing it right now take a second to notice what's already different in your body do you feel more relaxed do you feel more calm do you feel less like at any moment you're going to get jumped by a pack of angry dodo birds what's in what's an extinct animal woolly mammoths a whole pack of mammoths or whatever do you feel less stressed about work bills job performance anxiety etc yeah notice that taking these deep breaths helps you to stay calm and centered so that is step number two and that is probably the most crucial but here's the third here's like the icing on the cake here's what's gonna bring it all together so number one you masturbated earlier in the day for 10 or 15 minutes you already know that you're able to last that long congratulations number two you get together you excuse yourself you go to the bathroom for a couple minutes and you do these deep breathing exercises when you come back into the room you're all centered and calm and sexy and then step number three is you say to her these magic words I just want you to know that I'm a little nervous this is the elephant in the room when you say this not only are you creating a little bit of vulnerability and letting her know that you're willing to be intimate with her because you're willing to admit something like that that's very private and very personal and very vulnerable which women love but not just that when we speak the thing that we are afraid of when we like make it known and we acknowledge it then we're no longer under pressure to make it look like it's not happening for example when I go and speak to an audience I used to I don't really get that nervous anymore but when I used to get really nervous I would go up and I would grab the microphone and I would say wow I'm really nervous and when I say that not only does every person in the audience instantly emphasize with me because they know what it feels like to be nervous but also it's like it cuts the tension I no longer have to pretend that I'm not nervous I no longer have to pretend that I'm not confident about speaking in front of the room and guess what every time after I would say that I was like all right cats out of the bag let's do it so you followed this three-step formula masturbate for 10 or 15 minutes today do your deep breathing exercise and tell her that you're a little bit nervous or a little anxious and you really want to please her and it's mm-hmm this my friend this is the instant stamina increase that's it that is it that is all you need to last longer and have more stamina 10 night and I want you to go home try it for yourself and write in the comments how well it worked for you and if you have any other spots or other things that you've done that have given you an instant stamina boost write those down as well and if you like this please give me a thumbs up and let me know so I can keep bringing you awesome content and helping you last longer in bed if you like this advice you are gonna love my free guide to lasting longer in bed the link is below go and download it it's totally free it there's no cost to you and you can start implementing the advice in there today to help you see a difference tomorrow alright download the free guide holler at me let me know what you think and I'll see you around Tiger whoa