The amount of stress we take in today’s fast paced life is probably more than what was seen in the past Be it scoring grades, doing well in office getting your children married or any such thing Unknowingly, stress has become a big part of our lives. It is one of those feelings that is experienced by all of us and it is affecting adults and kids alike So, is this stress or tension only a feeling? which affects our mind? Because they are many ailments that are attributed to stress. Like thyroid, obesity, heart diseases, etc. We do know that we feel unwell if we are stressed. We find it hard to sleep, our head aches but does stress is detrimental to our physical self as well? Can stress cause diseases or ailments? So come, let us find answer to the question How stress affects our body? It is fair and well if you are only stressed once in a while but if you are in a state of stress every day then it would not only affect your mind but could cause considerable harm to your body So whenever you are stressed our body rings an alarm within to announce that there is a problem which causes some hormones to release like Cortisol and Adrenaline On one hand, adrenaline increases our heart rate to increase the flow of blood in our system which in turn increases our blood pressure Whereas cortisol, to give us more energy increases the glucose level in our blood So in a way, both these hormones give us energy to deal with the situation that is causing stress So say you see a bear or any other dangerous animal and you get stressed then the energy provided by these hormones will help you fight the animal or help us run if it is a bad idea to fight the animal But when we keep stressing out everyday without addressing it then this energy could cause us harm as well The frequent increase in blood pressure or increase in glucose levels in blood can cause heart related ailments It has been seen that during stress infecting fighting white blood cells are produced less That means that stress inhibits our ability to fight diseases and makes us vulnerable because our mind is telling our body that fighting the bear is more of a priority than fighting a disease But there is no bear in reality or in most cases the situation causing stress doesn’t require so much energy to be solved We just keep stressing about sometimes mundane things while our body keeps producing Cortisol and Adrenaline Scientists have performed several experiments to find that an infection or injury get healed at slower pace because of stress Since your body is focussed on the stress, the rest of the functioning slows down You must have seen that stress is said to be one of the causes of obesity since it has been seen that Cortisol hormone that is released during stress increases appetite to gather more and more energy which leads to you eating large amounts of carbohydrates which in turn increases energy in the body all this leads to increase in weight