Finding affordable health and dental plans
for your clients can be a challenge. The Health Insurance Marketplace at
makes it easier to sell affordable health and dental plans, expand your client base,
and get the same commission you would when selling plans off the Marketplace. Whether you use or another
source, enrolling your clients in Marketplace coverage is easier than ever. There are benefits available to your clients
when they purchase affordable plans through the Marketplace. In the past many individuals and families
were priced out of the insurance market because coverage was too expensive. Now they may be eligible for tax credits available
through the Marketplace, making health plans more affordable. In fact most individuals enrolling in the
Marketplace can find high quality plans with monthly premiums for $50 to $100, after accounting
for their tax credit. And when small employers enroll their employees
through the SHOP Marketplace, they may be eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
worth up to 50% of their client’s premium contributions. There are new products offered on the Marketplace
every year, including many insurance companies you and your clients have come to rely on. We’ve added tools to help you estimate your
clients’ out of pocket costs and to ensure their doctor, hospital or prescription drug
is covered by the plan they enroll in. When you register to sell Marketplace coverage,
you’ll be connected with consumers who use the Find Local Help tool
on And now, completing the required agent and
broker registration and training is also easier than ever. You can complete registration and training
through the Marketplace for free, or pay a fee to a vendor and
earn continuing education credits to help you maintain your state license. New this year, agents and brokers who completed
Marketplace training and registration last year can complete shorter refresher courses. After you’ve registered, we’re here to
help you along the way. We have a dedicated agent/broker call line
and email help desk that can answer many of your questions. Agents and brokers have already helped millions
of individuals, families and small business employees choose a plan and enroll in Marketplace
coverage but there’s still a big untapped market to grow your book of business. The Health Insurance Marketplace has affordable
health and dental plans that consumers want and need. Complete the Agent and Broker registration
and training today and begin enrolling consumers in Marketplace coverage.