eat proper nutrition so that you can perform for longer and enjoy yourself so if I’m just starting out and I want to get a grip on my nutrition what are some things I can just start working with simple quality food is like the number one place you should start I mean nutrition is important for anyone right you feel better you perform better as well you know when we’re eating food especially we’re eating carbs that’s getting converted into glycogen and that’s what we’re using for energy that’s the body’s most accessible form of energy and if you don’t have enough of that that’s when you suddenly hit the dreaded what’s too big what’s too small I think about about it as like a balanced plate and so you’ve got your your vegetables which should be sort of a third your cards and grains and that sort of thing which should be a third and then you’ve got your dairy products or dairy alternatives and your protein we use a really simple method of just using your hand as long as you’ve got your protein like a palm of your hand and then you’ve got your carbs which should be a fist okay then you’ve got a thumb of fat so I need three things that I can do on race day hydrate if you’re thirsty let’s start with mat and you’re already dehydrated so make sure you have drunk enough water that morning you’re not over hydrating it’s about working out what works for you so it needs to be a gradual build-up and actually I find that as your training intensifies you your body needs more water you will naturally be taking any more practice what you’re gonna have for breakfast before the race I know lots of people are nervous your stomach goes into knots but if you’ve practiced you’re not gonna have any negative effects and it means that you’ve got yourself into a bit of a routine something easily digestible so I mean your breakfast earlier carve so you’ve got your slice of toast you got your bananas so your fruits vegetables Oh fats and proteins take a lot longer to digest they’re good to keep you full of look longer been don’t necessary want to have a full stomach cover and then I think it’s really important to practice during the race basically exercise over 60 minutes and your performance benefits from consuming carbs over that time period but you don’t want to get to 60 minutes because then your glycogen levels your energy levels are basically already depleted so you want to start taking fuel early on so probably about 30 minutes into the race and then that is that whole recovery and there’s a 30 minute window after you exercise at a high intensity of wanting to get some protein but often the carbohydrates are forgotten about but their protein to be able to be utilized properly by your muscles you want them in a three-to-one ratio so three parts carbohydrates to one part protein it’s just something like a granola bar because something that’s got oats that’s got protein in it will really help or just when you get home from long run rather than going and sitting on the sofa making sure that you’re feeling a body within that thirty minutes okay awesome I see you can start like [Music] you [Music]