With some of these observations, I created
one day, a teaching aid–a lesson plan–for teaching children about nutrition. I hired a Milwaukee Public School teacher
that turned out to be ultra-creative. She created some of the best little stories about
nutrition and we created Healthy Heroes. Ben Broccoli comes in with a cape and he comes
into Candyland to save the children from eating too much candy and not getting proper nutrition. And we have Ben Broccoli, we have Carol Carrot,
and on and on. There are quite a few different characters we have created. And they all fit
into a story line that is always showing children how to eat properly. The lesson plans are written for the teachers
to teach from. As a matter of fact, a lot of our lesson plans are coordinated with the
menu. So when it’s Ben Broccoli’s turn, there’s fresh broccoli on the menu that day with dip. And children are to relate. They’re eating
the broccoli, they’re being taught a lesson plan from the teacher about the importance
of eating broccoli–what it does for us and why it’s an important part of our diet. And with that said, we think that if we can
get children preschool age to understand why they should be eating the green things on
their plate, we’ve got them off to a good start. That eating is not just a social activity
that we get into, but eating is a part of living. And healthy living is what good nutrition
is all about.