– Blackbaud believes the
world will be a better place when good takes over. And we all know a healthier
world is a better world. With more than three decades
of data intelligence, software expertise and
a proven track record of equipping organizations to transform information to impact,
Blackbaud is committed to delivering solutions
that drive the revenue you need to build healthy,
thriving communities. That’s why we created
Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions: to not only further
healthcare philanthropy, but to also address the new reality of the healthcare landscape. Healthcare providers must
compete for consumers, and these consumers are
smart, mobile, and are seeking out the best health
care at the best price. In addition, new trends are
driving changes in the industry. In healthcare reform and
the resulting landscape of consumerism are two powerful forces at work in this industry. No other organization is better
positioned than Blackbaud to help you maximize operational revenue, increase philanthropic revenue, and help you best understand
your consumer market. And to be competitive,
healthcare organizations must begin to harness new
advancements in data and insights to secure appropriate market share and combat migration. Blackbaud healthcare solutions enable healthcare organizations
to reach their consumers and connect individuals
from consumer to patient to donor or volunteer through
world-class cloud software, unmatched data, and insights. Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics gives you the intelligence you need
to support all facets of your healthcare organizations. This unique solutions provides predictive consumer analytics models
spanning data elements that can a tremendous
impact on population health, including wealth,
geography, social behavior, preference, philanthropic
tendency, and social media equity. Coupled with insights outlining
health risk behaviors, pair demand models, and
predictive probability models for readmission, your
organization can increase value-based care and
drive better outcomes. We are the experts in analyzing,
modeling, and predicting human behavior. Our data provides a comprehensive
view of your population so that you can reach
them more effectively. Because for us it’s personal. Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions
can help your organization target, market to, and retain these key groups of individuals, driving revenue and advancing your mission
to build healthy communities. Our ultimate goal is to make healthcare smarter, healthier, and more effective.