I didn’t know this but when I talked with people from Purina Pro Plan I found out what happen is when the dogs are older than seven years old it’s how they process the glucose in their brain, it change. Gayla was less alert and less social in the last months and I can tell sometimes it was hard for her to make some decisions. She has to make the decision to tell me “go to the right” or “go to the left” and what I saw is those decisions became harder for her. My biggest fear, to be honest, is crossing the street. And a when she makes a decision there it’s a matter of life or death. She has to make the right decision no matter what. My Friends, they told me about this product, Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+. I mean I give her a lot of different food in these years but this one, I saw the difference. I can feel the difference. She changed. She doesn’t want to lay down all day as she used to. Now she wants to do things. She wants to be with us and she’s more alert now. I can feel the difference because she’s back in what she used to be two years ago. She’s super active and I’m so happy because it’s like I’m having a puppy again. It was hard enough to change from Gayla to Adele. And I can’t imagine how it’s going to be like every seven years doing the same process. The good thing about that Bright Mind is now I know what I have to do when Adele turns seven. Gayla was like that puppy I used to have when she was four years old. So that day I said “this Bright Mind really works” and I can see her a completely different dog. And I can see her like she’s not eight years old anymore. She’s like four or five years old. She wants to play with Adele and go into the street with us so I am happy because I have my dog back.