I was going everyone so today I'm gonna show you guys and talk about how many pushups you should do to gain muscle now I'm gonna show you guys a full push-up workout you guys can follow along at home I'll make it a little bit easier I can do more push-ups per set but most of you probably won't be able to do 20 30 push-ups per set so we're gonna keep this pretty basic for beginners and we're gonna see how many sets that we can do now the thing when people try to do push-ups what they usually do and they make a huge mistake in doing this when they do push-ups what they will do is they will do 20 30 40 50 in a row whatever their max is and that will completely destroy them and then the next sets will be less less less and less until they can only do two or three push-ups we're gonna do ten push-ups per set we're going to take a 30 second break in between we're gonna see how many pushups we can do until we are completely destroyed so this video could be 10 could be 15 could be 20 minutes we'll see how long we do it so let's get started right now we'll do 10 push-ups they're going to take a 30-second break we're into our 10 push-ups so ten push-ups you guys then we're gonna take a break just take a 30-second break we'll do another 10 follow along at home this is a crazy workout to get big arms fast because they're looking to increase your triceps your chest your shoulders this will help you so again 30 second break this will let your muscles recover and then yeah it'll be good so we're gonna do another 10 right now that's another 10 you guys so I already have 20 push-ups you're gonna take another 30 second break now the key for building muscle with rush ups is getting a lot of volume in if you're the guy that tries to bang out like 30 40 50 in a row and then you're completely tired after you can do that but that's not gonna really get you a jack that's not going to get you a lot of muscle the key is volume getting a lot of ball you mean that's what's really gonna allow you to get that tricep size the chest size and the shoulder size it's another 30 second we'll do another 10 right now you guys throughout 30 right now I'm gonna take a 30-second break everyone keep on going again depending on your fitness level you might be able to do more you might be able to do 20% generally if I was doing this I would do 20% and I or I'd do 20 reps and then yeah then I would take a 30 second break so this just allows me to get more push-ups in but I've been training like this for a long time you guys so we're already at 30 push-ups you guys will do another 10 oh so that's ten you guys 30-second break so that's 40 push-ups you guys we're killing it you've already got 40 push-ups in a lot of you guys who can't do 40 push-ups in a row you're doing the volume so that's very important that's really gonna add size to you so we're gonna wait 30 seconds it's almost in 30 seconds we're gonna do another 10 you guys follow along at home if you can't do 10 reps only do five do three if you have to just keep doing it so you can do lots of sets you guys so we're at 40 we're gonna do another 10 boom 50 pushups you guys that's impressive 50 pushups if you're following at home if you've done this so far you've done 50 pushups give yourself a hand it's very good lots of volume volume again is the key so again we'll take a 30-second break then we will keep on going and we'll keep doing this you guys until until we run out of juice until we are too tired to continue and again this is how you gain muscle you guys it's as simple as this now there are ten you guys so that's 60 already very good I'll tell you guys right now I can do quite a few of these so we'll see how long we get for time I won't do it for 45 minutes you guys might get a little bit bored but follow along at home I can't stress this enough play this workout when you're trying to work out it'll get you pumped up it'll get you motivated and I'll help you guys you can follow along at home so we're at 60 already do another ten in five seconds again this is getting your triceps bigger it's getting your chest bigger and your shoulders bigger it's really helping out that's another ten you guys will do another 30-second break we'll do another ten so that's 70 push up you guys maybe what I might do is I might just go to a hundred push-ups and then call it good because like to be honest I've done push-ups before I can do 400 500 in a row doing twenty thirty so if I'm only doing ten probably do about six seven hundred push-ups so maybe a thousand so that video would take extremely long to finish you guys but yeah ten more seconds we're going to do another ten that'll put us at 80 pushup so if you're doing this at home you already did 80 very impressive okay another ten you guys eighty we're killing it you guys now to gain muscle to while doing push-ups or while doing push-ups what you want to make sure that you're bulking you're eating a lot of protein good carbohydrates good healthy fat sources you want to be bulking this is gonna allow you to build muscle track your calories very important to track your calories if you're not tracking your calories it could get pretty rough because you won't see gains you guys you're gonna take another ten second break and then we're gonna do 20 or ten more push-ups I'll put us at 90 push-ups you guys the end of the video I might talk a little bit more I did 80 10 more will be 90 we'll do 10 more so that's 90 you guys take a 30-second break we'll finish it off we'll do another 10 that'll be a hundred push up you guys very good and again we can increase the amount of push-ups we do per set we can do instead of doing a hundred or instead of doing ten per set we can do fifteen we could do 20 that's your progressive overload so as you get stronger over time increase the amount that you do per set I'm at around 20 to 25 when I normally do it that puts me in a good position it allows me to get about 500 push-ups in in 20 sets so it really gets me a ton of volume really helps me to build the muscle so we'll do 10 more I'll put us out a hundred then I'll talk a little bit more and then that'll be the end of the video if you guys have done it this far great job we're almost done okay 100 pushups if you're following along at home you've done it this far very good um now again to progressively overload that's how you build muscle progressively overload eating in clerk surplus to pressive lee overload increase the number of reps you do per set so we were doing 10 per set the next workout try to do 11 per set it's literally as simple as that you won't be able to progressively overload forever or if you were able to you would be doing a hundred push-ups per set you do 20 sets that's 2,000 push-ups that's very unlikely so what will happen is you'll increase the number of repetitions so you'll go from 10 to 11 11 to 12 then 12 months you might get stuck at for a couple of workouts then you go to 13 13 might get stuck in 14 and 15 and just keep doing it like that that is the easiest way to do it you got to make sure you're eating the proper amount of foods as well you guys just make sure you're tracking your calories and then that'll be very good and the video thank you guys so much for watching please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already please like video sure thanks