Hello and welcome! This is Sara Peternell with Family Nutrition Services. I wanted to share with you guys some
information about staying well during cold and flu season I get this question
a lot this time of year it’s back-to-school and the kiddos are
bringing home germs and if you have an autoimmune disease if you have
Hashimoto’s there’s a pretty good chance that you are slightly concerned that
that one early season cold or respiratory infection could really lay
you out for the rest of the winter I know because I’ve been there one of the
things about a wonky immune system as I like to call it in autoimmune disease is
that it’s so busy destroying an attacking tissue in the body that it
shouldn’t be doing that it’s actually not real effective at preventing the
types of infections that we want the immune system to go after so I’m talking
about things like bacteria and viruses pathogens sometimes other things in the
digestive system such as parasites fungus etc but today I’m specifically
talking about infections that are commonly related to this time of year
with changes in the seasons changes in the weather changes in the amount of
daylight that we experience each day and because I get this question so often
I’ve actually written a blog post about it you can check this out on my website
Sarah Peter nail comm there’s a link to it down in the pinned comments so check
that out for some of the more specifics but one of the nutrients that I wanted
to specifically talk about today is actually magnesium for keeping your
immune system strong and healthy you know we typically think about
vitamin C of course right who hasn’t for ages and ages and also more commonly
vitamin D but I want to talk to you about magnesium and its role that it
plays with the lungs and the respiratory system so if you’re taking my museum you
know that it helps to relax your muscles it can help with recovery after exercise
and it can help to combat stress so if you’re feeling really you know tight and
tense taking magnesium one of the benefits is that it helps to relax
smooth muscle tissue so for just a second think about the benefits that
this has for your system as well helps you go poop so it
helps by relaxing the digestive muscles the ones that we can’t control the ones
that are inside and that has some benefits on muscles that we can’t feel
or see the same is true about your lungs so your lungs are also smooth tissue and
connective tissue and they also rely on a steady source of magnesium in order to
properly filter any airborne pathogens you know that we take in just in contact
with people who may be coughing or sneezing or just being exposed even to
certain environmental allergens our sinuses our respiratory system including
the lungs and the bronchial passageways these are all tissues that benefit from
a nice source of magnesium magnesium has been shown to help the lungs be a
stronger and more adequately prepared organ when it comes to these types of
infections and illnesses so I was reading the other day about some
research just on magnesium studies in cold and flu prevention and that got me
excited thinking about how easy it is to take magnesium how readily available it
is all the different forms of magnesium that you can take and it’s suitable for
all ages and it’s just a great part of a foundation nutrition plan the other
thing is that sometimes when a person has deficiencies in magnesium they may
actually also have some issues with histamine and histamine is you know the
the component of the immune system that gets activated and can overreact when
there are too many antagonists and the immune system so histamine can actually
be elevated due to again environmental triggers so you know when you think
about taking an antihistamine you’re actually taking that to lower the
histamine that you may be having to say pollens or trees weeds mold pet dander
etc but also histamine can rise from certain foods as well and so when you
combine the Seas all changes of going from summer into
fall or fall into winter where there’s a lot of changes to environmental
allergens plus the magnesium deficiency which may cause some improper immunity
in the respiratory system you pretty much have a perfect storm so what I want
you to know is that you can strengthen your immune system you can strengthen
your respiratory system and you can prepare your lungs to be well equipped
to fight off come what may this season by taking a daily dose of magnesium now
your particular dose probably depends on a lot of things it depends on maybe
other reasons that you might be taking magnesium because different types of
magnesium’s do different things generally speaking the safest one that I
think is kind of a good broad use of magnesium is magnesium glycinate this
one tends to not be upsetting to the digestive system and it’s also really
easy for both older people and children to take with no side effects sometimes a
magnesium citrate that you can find in the health food store or in the
drugstore which is really similar to some of the magnesium laxatives has that
same effect meaning that it can be a little bit too stimulating or aggressive
in the digestive system so that smooth muscle reaction relaxation which can be
beneficial in some cases might also be too much so magnesium glycinate is a
great magnesium format for you to try and I would probably say just start slow
with maybe 1 to 200 milligrams per day and then you can work up from there some
other benefits that you might find you also get from taking magnesium would be
in improved relaxation and sleep as I mentioned earlier you may also find that
you have fewer headaches that you have improved concentration memory and mood
as magnesium is also a very good support for the nervous system and if you have
any hormonal imbalances whether it’s considering for fertility post natal
hormonal imbalance concerns perimenopausal or menopausal you may
also be interested in taking a magnesium supplement to help with combating some
of the hormonal complaints that people that commonly but
maybe experience so again just on the cold and flu season I have a whole
article it doesn’t include magnesium but it’s a
bunch of other great tips that can help you I wanted to share this information
with you today about magnesium thank you so much for watching my youtube channel
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