(upbeat guitar music) – Heath Coaches really provide an opportunity for you to a, get really good information and b, have somebody to guide you along. If you’re the Lone Ranger it’s tough. If you’ve got a coach in your corner, it’s phenomenally easy and the payout is huge. – I see the future of healthcare being, not only changing the content of healthcare. What we talk about and what we teach. But the delivery of healthcare, meaning we’re not gonna have the patient and the doctor in their office for six minutes anymore. We’re gonna have to develop integrated healthcare teams. To create long term sustainable behavior change and the only way that’s gonna happen is with ancillary health providers like Health Coaches. Who can come in and provide education, group training and facilitation of change over time with people. That’s happening all across the world. It’s happening across the country. It’s a little bit invisible, but it’s one of the most important movements that’s happening today in America. – Health Coaches play I think a vital role in educating the public of how to live their life in balance, many people still starting the day with a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. Having doughnuts at 10 o’clock again as a coffee break. The salad in front of their computer with diet Coke. Chocolate in the afternoon and a glass of wine at night before they go to bed because they’re so stressed out. People don’t know better yet. We’re beginning to get educated about organic foods and how to live your life in harmony with natural cycles and how to live and eat with good nutrition and how that can impact how we feel and actually prevent chronic disease. This is the role of a Health Coach, is to educate the public in a very large way. – I think the role of Health Coaches are the future of health because everyone needs a coach. You go to the basketball team or the football field or whatever, everybody’s got a coach. Because that coach helps them to achieve their best. It’ll see places, oh listen you need to hold the ball this way, you need to dribble it that way. To get the most out of that person. So what a Health Coach will do is help the person achieve their highest good, their greatest health potential and help them to be the best that they can possibly be. – So what a coach does is help the person know themselves, by listening, and I think that’s a big part of it. Not just saying here do this, if they were ready for it, they would have done it. But listen, then they realize okay my next step. I see what I need to do, and you get credit for it. (upbeat guitar music)