– Hi guys happy Wellness Wednesday. That’s our new little jingle. (chuckles) Yep, I am writing jingles these days, that’s what I’m doing now. Jessie let me know that you can hear me whenever you got a chance. And I have a really
great topic for us today and I can’t wait to share it with you. Also, I have some news
and some announcements. Let me just check one thing, alright. So, great topic for us today, like I said. And I want to start out by sharing that I’m so excited that enrollment for Crazy Sexy You is now open, what? Crazy Sexy You, my 21 day
total wellness program. We’re doin’ it. We moved the whole thing to the spring to make it a little easier for you guys. Plus, spring is the time of renewal. So it’s enrollment open and
it’s only open until Friday at midnight Pacific time
and then poof it goes away for another year. And this year I’m so excited
because we have two levels. We have a self study level
for all of you solo fliers and then we also have the
live coaching experience which we’ve expanded and there’s
just so much goodness in it so I want you to check
it out if you’re into it. Let me give you the link,
which is also in this post and I’m sure we’ll pin it too. But I will say it out
loud also for you guys who like to hear things out loud which is kriscarr.com/csyprogram. I’ve already got thousands of
people in it and, like I said, it’s gonna be a good time. We’re gonna help you feel better
because that is what we do. So, that’s goin’ on. Another thing is happening this
week I want to invite you to because you are my Facebook
family, my inner crew, my Wellness Wednesday posse. Tomorrow I am doing a live
coaching call on willpower, what? We all try to have it, we all
try to keep that motivation up but it waxes and it wanes
and we beat ourselves up and we wonder why we
can’t be more disciplines and why can’t we get it done this time? And we’ve tried all these diet programs and none of them worked. We’ve tried this, that,
and the other thing and we always fail. (makes yuck noise) All that stuff that we tell ourselves, throw it out the window. We are gonna talk about
three things to do instead and the three things
that I’m sharing with you have totally changed my life. They’ve helped me follow
through on my health goals, they’ve helped me follow
through with my relationship, they’ve helped me follow
through in business. So come and join us. Also gonna talk a bit about the program and our nutrition director
and program manager is also gonna join me for that. So we’re gonna have some fun. It’s gonna be girl hour
but guys are welcome too. So if you wanna do that, I’m pretty sure I put a link in this post. If I didn’t, I will. But if you wanna come and
hang out on this live call then you’re going to make
sure I say the right one. You’re gonna go to
kriscarr.com/livecall. (giggles) Hi guys, thank you for all the hearts. Or maybe it’s just my mom doing one heart, just doing it over and over again. Yeah, no but I see you! This is great, Mike’s here,
Jennifer’s here, Maggie’s here, and Dawn’s here, and Pam’s here yeah. Karen’s here tuning late, in late. No worries, I just got started. Susan and Mercedes and Ashley, hi guys. So happy that you guys are all here. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Okay, so before we dive
into our topic today which is my morning routine. It’s the question that
I get asked the most. What is your morning routine? How do you start your day
in a healthy way Kris Carr? I’m gonna share it with you but I want to do a little personal update because like I said, this is our time. I wanna know what’s going on in your life, I want to share tips with you but I also want to share
what’s going on in my life just like we would if we were hangin’ around
the dinner table catchin’ up, bein’ real, sayin’
here’s what I’m feeling, this is what I’m thinking, this is what’s goin’ on for real for me. So you guys know that we adopted Tara. If you’re bored with me talking
about here, just tell me. But she is just like the new apple. She’s not the total apple of
my eye because I have Lola. That would be wrong to say. She’s not here right now so
ya know she didn’t hear that but she is, she’s had
surgery today you guys. She had to have her leg amputated because it’s just not salvageable. She’s been in pain for so many years. I feel sad for her. I can’t imagine living
in the amount of pain that she’s been living in but I’m so glad that we got to rescue her and she’s gonna be doing a lot better. We’re not totally out of the woods though because there’s a chance that, there’s a chance that they
found cancer in her leg and it’s gonna get biopsied. But we will know soon. So, I just finished an Instagram live. I’m gonna ask you guys the same thing. If you could send your good
wishes, your prayers, your love. If you could keep this cute
little sentient angel being in your thoughts and just send
her, send her your kindness that really matters. It makes a big difference. So I appreciate that, thank
you for all your loves and hugs and thumbs up right now. I will keep you guys posted. And regardless what her diagnosis is, she is in the right hands. I know a thing or two about sarcoma and regardless of how
much time she has with us and what the prognosis is, we are gonna give her so
much fricken love and joy and a few cookies and I just
feel blessed regardless. So thank you, thank you
for letting me share that. Thank you for all of your
beauty and for being my friend. Okay, so now since we’re
talking about good energy, positive vibes, all that
you just sent my way, let’s talk about starting
your day in a positive way because how you start your day
sets the stage for your day, sets the stage for your life. So I’m gonna share what I do. You do not have to do what I do. You may find some inspiration in what I do and you can pick and choose and create your own morning
routine and practice if you don’t already have one. If you have one, I would
love for you to share what works for you because I’m sure we would
all love to know, right? We’re in this together. So, super important that the
first hour for me is all mine. It’s all mine. My job is to give, my job is to love, my job is to help, right? That is what I do for a
living, that is who I am. There is no difference between the two but if I don’t start my
day giving to me first then I get depleted very easily. So I give myself the first hour of my day. I wake up at 5:30, 5:30
to 6:30 is KC time. That’s when I spend time filling my well. If you have 20 minutes,
30 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever it is just
give yourself that time. If you get up a little earlier
to make sure that you have it so that you can be grounded,
centered, and in your spirit then you wanna make sure you
go to bed a little bit earlier because what we don’t
wanna do is say well, stay up late to do all
the stuff you have to do and get up early to
give yourself you time. No, sleep is super important. Sleep is more important to me
than my business, my mission, my passion, all of that kind of stuff. Like taking care of
myself has to come first otherwise I am not walking
my walk, talking my talk, and I’m not taking care of
myself and let’s not forget, I am a stage four cancer patient. I gotta keep my game on. So, that hour is mine and we talked about not
burning the candle at both ends so get your little cute tushies
to bed earlier if you can and if you do end up getting up earlier. First thing I start with
is a big old glass of water just like this. I go downstairs, sneak out of bed so as not to wake my
husband because I love him but I need my alone time. Have my big old glass of
water, let the dogs out, make sure everybody peed,
nobody’s chasing a deer, all that kinda stuff is happening. Having my little water. Then I come in and before I
can talk myself out of it, before I can say I don’t feel like it or ugh didn’t I do that yesterday
or whatever I might say, I sit my butt down and meditate. Sometimes on this little
flat leopard pillow that is falling apart and I’ve had for over 20
years, maybe 30, no kidding. Or, this one’s a little fancier. It’s a real meditation cushion
but you don’t need that. That does give me a little
bit more back support and I sit there and I use my Insight timer which we talked about a
few Wellness Wednesdays ago when I was sharing my favorite apps. I’m sure you can find that
somewhere on Facebook. My Insight timer is great
’cause there’s a little bell, it’s like bing, I set it for 10 minutes and at the end of the 10
minutes, bing, it’s over. And nothing makes me feel better
than when I actually do it. I may be fighting like a
marlin beforehand like no! Don’t make me, don’t pull
me out of the water, right? I might be fighting, I
might not wanna do it but after I’ve done it
I feel so much better, so much more connected to myself, so much more just on my game, in my joy, and I’m so much more able to roll with whatever the day brings, right? And meditation I have
to say, above anything, has been the tool to help me get that. After I meditate I do some time
reading something positive. Last week I think, I can’t remember, they’re all blending into one because we have an archival content now. We’ve been doing this. We have history, you and me. I’ve bene reading Ask and It Is Given. We talked about creating a book club, which we are going to do
I just have to figure out how we’re gonna choose our books and what our plan is gonna be. But I’m still reading this
one, I’m a little bit behind. Been trying to do one a month. I think that I will definitely
be able to get through this maybe in the next week or two and then we will pick a book for May. But this book is so magical. It has changed me in ways
that I didn’t think possible. I have known about Esther and
Jerry Hicks’ work for years and Abraham, obviously this
is the teachings of Abraham or the law of attraction. But for whatever reason I didn’t really spend much time there. Well, I guess when the teacher is ready or the student’s ready, the
teacher appears, is that it? This student is ready and
these teachers have appeared. I’m gonna take a couple of minutes and just read something positive to you as if we were starting our day together and this is about the meditation practice, like what you could accomplish in 30 days if you just gave yourself that 10-minute meditation practice. And they actually say you don’t really need to do
more than 10 to 15 minutes. Isn’t that great for all of us who wanna
move on to something else? So here’s what this passage
that I chose for you says. “What we are really encouraging “is that every day you
be selfish enough to say “nothing is more important
than that I feel good “and I’m going to find
ways to do so today. “I’m going to begin my day by meditating “and bringing myself into
alignment with my source energy “and as I move through the day “I’m going to look for
opportunities to appreciate “so that all day long “I’ll bring myself back
into source energy. “If there’s an opportunity to
praise I am going to praise. “If there’s an opportunity to criticize “I am going to keep my mouth shut “and try and meditate.” Ooh, that’s hard sometimes ’cause you wanna be like oh yeah, you know what else she said? (scoffs) Get this. Don’t do it, don’t do it, avoid it. “If I feel like criticizing
I’ll say ‘here kitty, kitty’ “and I’ll pet my cat till
the feeling goes away.” Animal lovers, another
reason why I love them. Yeah, pet your cat, pet your dogs. Do something nice, don’t criticize. And then so anyway, I’ll
read a little bit more. “Within 30 days of mild effort “you can go from being “one of the most resistant
people on the planet “to one of the least
resistant people on the planet “and then those who are watching you “will be amazed by the
number of manifestations “that begin to occur in
your physical experience.” (slaps book shut) Delicious. So, just wise words. Filling our day, filling our
first hour, filling our minds with something positive. It really changes the game. What else? Journal, this is my journal. I’ve been journaling for
since I was 14 years old and I was doing an Instagram
live earlier and I said, I still have those journals. What a sweet child, oh my gosh. Her visions and what she wanted. She wanted new ballet slippers,
that is all she wanted. It was so easy back then
just new ballet slippers and some leg warmers and, she had everything she ever could need. But I’ve been journaling ever since then and I’d say this practice has totally changed my
relationship to myself but it’s been the thing that
has taught me about myself and it’s the thing that
has made me my own, my own dear friend,
dear, dear, dear friend. And my journal is my dear friend. So it is a good place to just
connect and check in with me. I start with 10 gratitudes because like we were
talking about recently it’s hard to be overwhelmed,
pissy, annoyed, angry when you’re also in
gratitude and appreciation. So I start with 10 gratitudes and then I do a little journal exercise. I’m getting texted by my friend. I do a little journal exercise and I write these exercises
for me, custom for me and I’m thinking I might
share them with you too because you’d probably enjoy them and all your journalers out
there can take them for a spin. I’m gonna share the two
exercises or prompts that I wrote for myself this
morning and that I answered. The first one is how are you doing? How are you doing? How often do you ask yourself,
self, hey, how are you doing? You okay? What’s goin’ on? So how are you doing and the trick here is to make sure that when you’re
responding in your journal that you are also sharing the positive ’cause it’s easy to go
straight into the negative like when you’re asked
that question, ugh well. Tara’s leg has to come off and
pfft, and this is happening and Brian’s going away over the weekend. And how am I gonna (whines) meh, right? So making sure that you’re
also sharing the positive as you’re being honest and
saying what you’re feeling and venting or whatever it is but I think you know where I’m going. We wanna elevate our energy so we make sure that that is included. And then the other question
that I asked myself this morning in my journal was what could you do to help yourself feel
even better energetically? So I wrote what could you do to help yourself feel
even better energetically? So notice I didn’t say physically. I wasn’t like you could go to the gym and you could rebound and
dry brush and you could blah, all these different
things on the to-do list. Worthy things, but that
was not the question, it was energetically. So that usually means
some sort of mental shift. Thinking this way about this experience and I need to drive out of
that negative neighborhood, back into the positive neighborhood where I am thriving, happy,
healthy, wise, vibrant, and joyful. So that’s a big question. I like answering it and it’s
often very illuminating. Next up, what happens next? Well it’s juice and smoothing time. You guys, it’s juice and smoothie time. And this is the thing that
I don’t skip without fail. Like I am so impressed
by the people who say I never skip exercise. I have a goal to be one of those people. I write in my journal
often I exercise every day and my body is strong. I write it as if it’s happened. It has not happened yet
but it’s getting closer. With juice and smoothies
it’s like autopilot. I don’t even have to think
about it, it just happens. My husband and I either make a green juice or a green smoothie each
and every day without fail maybe twice a year it doesn’t happen because we had to run to
Newark Airport at 4:00 am and that didn’t happen and we didn’t make it the night before. But this practice is so central to how I’ve been able
to manage my well-being and it’s something that I just love and share with you guys often and it’s a big part of Crazy Sexy You, which again is our 21 day
total wellness program. We have so many beautiful recipes and there’s three weeks
of meal plans for you, shopping lists, everything
you possibly need to start to feel better and juicing and blending is part of that. So I’m gonna answer some
questions in a little bit and I’ll see where you guys are and what’s going on with you. Let me finish my little,
little list for myself. And then I’m usually at my
desk by 8:30, nine o’clock and that is I take the
first hour of my workday and make sure that it is for me too. So I don’t schedule meetings. It’s time for me to check in with my inbox and do what I need to
do before I start to do what I need to do for other people. So let me tell you the things that I don’t do in the morning. This is what I don’t do during my me time. This is not what I don’t do in my 8:30 get to your desk time. I, well that’s not necessarily true. This is what I don’t do during my me time. Let’s go back. I do not read the news, I
do not check social media, I do not check email, I do not
have negative conversations, or and I do not complain. So if my husband happens
to come down during my, down because our bedroom’s
right above our head, if he comes downstairs
during my morning practice I might spend a little
bit of time with him but we don’t engage in negativity and we don’t talk about work. Because we live together,
we love together, we run our business together, and it’s really super important
for us to have couple time and not like colleagues time. (giggles) Because nothin’ makes the magic die faster than bringing your work into every aspect of your life, especially if you work with your partner. At least that’s my experience of it. Okay, so let me check in with you. That’s pretty much my sweet
little morning routine. Again, it’s simple, it
doesn’t take a lot of effort, it just takes consistency and you can take parts of it if you like and I’m really curious to see what it is that you do in the morning. So, let me just see. Lisa says I’ve been making
juices and smoothies on Sundays and keep them in the fridge for the week. Wow, that’s amazing. Yeah, summer vacation is
coming up, says Eileen and she can’t wait to
start my day this way. You can start it now Eileen, start it now. Just do 10 minutes, start
it now Eileen, don’t wait. Yvonne says, awe. Beautiful Kris you are the
mental health hug I needed today. Honey, I’m so happy. Dawn says my journaling
always seems to be negative so I don’t stick with it. Ugh Dawn. Stick with it, you can ask
yourself some of these prompts like what I was suggesting
like ya know how are you doing? And making sure that you
put the positive in there. I’m gonna write some special for you Dawn. We’re gonna, when I share,
I’m gonna do an episode all on journaling with some prompts and we’re gonna put some
in there just for you. Yes to gratitude. That’s the other thing
Dawn, you could start by just writing 10 gratitudes and if you don’t wanna
be positive after that, close the book, just close it. Good reminder about the book. Okay so this is a live call question. Kris, can you tell me where you’re doing your
live call tomorrow? I’m gonna be sitting right
here in my living room and you my dear can just log in. So if you go to the link in this post you can sign up for it and
I know you’re in the UK. I send a recording out of the call ’cause we have people all over the world in all different time zones and I do the calls usually
around four my time eastern time but you can still listen
after I send it to you or ya know the next day. So, just go ahead and sign up and you’ll still get to hear it. Oh, and then Joey says literally just opened my eyes
in Australia, good morning. Getting up to get my glass of water. Well Joey you have a great day. You have a great day Joey. How do you meditate? Okay, so I want you to go to kriscarr.com because I have some basic
how to meditate videos there and maybe one of my amazing
team, oh look at Jessie. Jessie from Team Crazy Sexy,
faster than I can even say, just gave you a link to a
great blog on how to meditate and there may be even a video in there. Alright you guys, and then
thank you for all the love for our sweet girl Tara. That is it! Our time together is done. I love you, I hope you
have an amazing week. Think about your morning, think about how you can start the day by giving to you because you matter. You’re very, very important
to the world and to me and so I hope that this inspires you. Again, Crazy Sexy You enrollment is open so if you wanna join us
we would love to have you. It closes on Friday and if you wanna learn
more about the program you go to kriscarr.com/csyprogram and if you wanna join me for
my live call on willpower you go to kriscarr.com/livecall. I will make sure both of
these links are in this post and I’ll see ya next week. (smooch) Yeah.