Hi everyone, it’s Justine. I said I would do
a Q&A video every season so four times a year the last one is already four months
ago oops so I called this one here winter Q&A
and I asked you in two previous YouTube videos if you had questions for me I
picked a good mix of questions that I have not answered in the previous
episode I will link the previous episodes the two previous Q&A videos
also down below in the description let’s start
Whitney asks where do you see your personal style categorized do you prefer a
sporty sense of fashion or are you fond of formalwear or more business casual office
wear casual jeans and t-shirts etc she asked that because my advice has helped
her build her own wardrobe and her own style so she was curious to know what I
gravitate towards it depends on which country you’re benchmarking me on I’m
gonna speak for myself right and you can judge from your own country’s culture’s
perspective always comfortable that goes first before fancy or super stylish I
move when I work so I have to feel good in what I’m wearing
I like separates so a top and a bottom rather than full looks I think it’s just
more practical I like bottoms that are woven preferably
jeans or knitted that’s why my first collection was all knitted including the
pants at the top I like a knitted top or a t-shirt I rarely wear suits unless I
have to I do dress up for special occasions but
like because there is something to dress up for in daily life I go practical I’d
say casual with accessories nice shoes jewelry always a nice scarf
a hairstyle something like that so that I show respect to the people that I’m
meeting I don’t want to look like I’m just getting out of bed but I keep
practicality it in mind Maya asks do you plan any
behind-the-scene videos we’d like to know more about your crafts how you come
up with the concept inspiration drawings colors fabric how you cut the pattern
etc you’re such an inspiration thank you so much for sharing your beautiful world
with us love you very sweet thank you for your question and for your kind
words short answer is yes it’s planned I’m
working with a videographer now when I make my videos
so this allows a moving camera that follows me while I’m working because the
challenge when I’m working is that I’m obviously focused on what I’m doing and
I so far I couldn’t manage to film at the same time this problem is now solved
so for the next collection expects all of the points that you’ve mentioned in
your comments. Tanya is asking hi Justine hi how to stay inspired and energized in
the winter perfect question for a winter Q&A to be honest with you I’m not so
good at winter I’m so much more of a summer person in winter I can see my my
productivity in my efficiency decline it’s crazy so a couple of things I do
when I’m here and I can’t book holidays somewhere far away during those months I
have a lamp which is a daylight lamp it’s a screen of this size it’s on my
desk and I look into it when I work everyday people in Scandinavia use
that too to compensate for the fact that they don’t have enough daylight during
winter months I find that really helpful and I turn this light on to extend
daylight hours so to speak when you’re missing sun you probably also miss vitamin D so if you get a blood test done I had that done turned out I’m
missing vitamin D huh tell me something I don’t know so now I’m taking
vitamin D complements and a little bit more in pills that you swallow
with a glass of water you get that from the pharmacy and I feel like that’s
helping me too then if I get really really depressed I do a couple of
minutes of solarium like artificial sun it’s not so good for the skin so protect
your skin before you do that use suncare but I feel like that’s a boost
when I’m really low… hope that spring comes soon. Dominika asks hi Justine I
love your channel congratulation on 300k subscribers thank you so much I want to
ask whether you keep some journal and why yes and no hello to Slovakia so I
have a notebook where I do creative things like painting
pasting images drawing little sketches things that I want to keep for later I’m
not so good at doing this regularly I keep trying then I have an agenda
calendar on my phone then I have another book where I write my goals and my to-
do’s I don’t want this to be in the same book as the pretty pictures that I’m
gathering and then I have all the free-floating sheets and little pieces
of paper napkins from the restaurants where I drew or wrote something that I
wanted to remember I have three different apps on my phone where I take
notes of ideas and it’s not really in one place I would love to be that kind
of person that uses one book for everything but it just doesn’t work for
me this book is never where I need it when I need it so I end up writing
everywhere else if you guys have tips on how to keep a journal be good at that
and gather everything you’re doing into one place and then please share your
tips with me I’m very curious I admire people who are able to do that.
Pritha asks I have two questions what’s your favorite book and how do you work
through creative blocks let me start with the book I’m going to say one that
I’ve read within the last six months because I have many favorites otherwise
and I keep all of them so my bookshelf keeps growing that would be George
Orwell’s “1984” because it’s so crazy relevant right now in the light of
what’s happening in the world and of the technological evolution your phone
listening to you social media remarketing things like that. It’s extremely
impressive and scary how science fiction can become what people thought would be
impossible and creative blocks that’s a great question I’ve actually done a
video about this topic how to get out of a creative block I’ll
link it down below in the description if you haven’t seen it basically it’s about
switching the setup in my case so physically and mentally physically I
will literally switch rooms get out don’t get stuck in front of your
worksheet because that’s really not going to help go for a jog go for a run
go to the gym get out breathe get some fresh new air
between your ears in there and then mentally that means making sure that you
stop thinking about that one thing because it’s not moving forward at the
moment so call somebody do push-ups turn up the music the volume and dance like
crazy in your living room anything that mentally breaks up the
vicious circle so to speak. Question from Ally: I’ve often wondered Justine why the
fashion industry can’t standardize their sizing once and for all would
make life much easier for the customer. Amen! I think there are 2
main reasons why why it’s not happening and why you still have so many different
sizes across the world and even within one country the first is that there are designers
who are divas and say I only want to design for a woman who has an impossibly
thin waist if you want to be able to wear my clothes up to you to look like
that women otherwise I’m not gonna dress you… which I obviously totally disagree
with if you’ve been watching my channel you know what I think about this I want
to dress real women they want women to look like the dresses they do I mean
we can’t… we can’t agree but I can’t force them and then the other reason is that
sizes are not the same between countries because people are not the same between
countries and because you have petite people and you have tall people and this
standard the average person doesn’t look the same in every country each country
is started to set a standard and they didn’t talk to other countries and I
think everything just grew like this up to now and now we export all around the
world now we see the issue. Question from mrs. Julie Devon (or miss?) how can I capture
my joy things are moving forward for me and goals are happening I want to
capture that somehow and use it as nourishment for future me I think that’s
a great question and a fantastic project congratulation on everything
nice that’s happening in your life right now! are you a someone who works better
with words or with visual things because if you like words you could
write down every evening today or something A, B and C happened so you keep
track of the facts or you use keywords today I felt emotional active blablabla:an adjective then to the adjective you can add an emotion a person who inspired you
place in the world that suggests the feeling that you are feeling today
you know like using keywords like this if you’re more of a visual person you
could allocate a color to every day or a picture if you like to do picture
research and then build a mood board with all those things remember that it
only needs to be understandable for you later for no one else so take whatever
method works with your brain and have fun. Next question: Justine I’m always
impressed by your videos thank you I’m glad you’re taking time to rest it’s
over though I’m back at work my question is what do you do to de-stress on a
typical workday with all that you have going on I wonder how you handle work
why making time for yourself making time for myself it’s one of the things I want
to get there at to be honest and a typical working day is from getting up
to going to bed I also work from home and I also make videos and I work
creatively so it’s really hard to say I turn my brain on at 9:00 and I turn it
off at 18:00 it doesn’t work like that so it’s kind of on all the time and so
there are moments when it starts to race you know the term “monkey mind”
it’s like tu-tu-tu-tu-tu whether you want it or not and there are moments when it gets too much
and I feel like I have to stop that so options are going to the gym take a spin
class you come out of that type of class completely rinsed off literally too much
information I’m sorry very efficient after that you
take a good shower you go to bed you sleep so deep that it feels like a reset
and the next day I feel fine again and fresh again or I try cooking baking I
cook at least three evenings a week like properly
I find that almost meditative and I started meditation a couple of weeks
month ago I have a couple of apps on my phone I can also list those down below
if you’re interested if you look for meditation in the App Store you’ll find
plenty of choices I find it easier with guided meditation then when I just set
the timer for myself because if if I do it alone
without the voice guiding me my mind immediately starts wandering away
and it’s not as efficient so I try all of that and if it doesn’t work push ups. Next question: hi Justine hello I loved your book recommendations a while ago
and I’d love to know what you’ve read and loved recently I just picked up a
book at the thrift store called Parisian chic a style guide by Inès de la Fressange
I didn’t know this book thank you very much for the tip I will make sure to
check it out now come my book tips I’m almost done reading Simone de Beauvoir
the memoirs in several books huge thing brilliant writer a woman who was very
independent in the mid 20th century great insights
she writes beautifully if you like classic literature I would say that’s a
must then I’m reading this videos of fiddling wood philosophy of fashion by
Georg Simmel that’s an actual picture of a woman wearing a corset by the way
corsets are okay no they’re not it’s a small book very easy to read but very
good food for thought. Kurt Tucholsky German writer I think it’s a major writer in
Germany “Dürfen darf man alles” i.e. you may anything it’s very sharp humor he’s
critical of the cultural differences within the European countries he’s been
in touch with because he travelled a lot it’s extremely smart
it’s hilarious it’s not a full story it’s little single thoughts like this
you can open it at random and just pick a couple every day
he lived in Germany in the 20s he had to emigrate when the Nazis arrived he died
away from his country because he was critical of Germany and that was a no-go
for the Nazis but after his death this book was republished and now it’s a
classic it’s he worth a read if you don’t know it
Kurt Tucholsky I will link everything down below so you find the titles in
English. Then Nicolas Bouvier “Le vide et le plein” i.e. the empty and the full if that makes
sense he was one of the very early travel writers it’s a diary of the year
he spent with his family living in Japan so you have everything right unfiltered
the days where he is having an aha moment and loves it and then the days
when it’s just not working because of cultural differences and where he thinks we are
incompatible cultures I think that travel diaries are a great way of
understanding a culture that you’re not familiar with so I love to read that
kind of book… and I love Japan! The next one I will read Victor Hugo “Notre-Dame de Paris” a classic I read that when I was fourteen it’s time for a re-read
it’s a thick one though but it’s it’s beautiful if you’ve seen the movie or
the Disney movie you know the story: it’s better in the original book 😉 And the last
one is actually a workbook the photographer’s playbook
it’s full of assignments from renowned photographers usually one page for each
assignment to help you practice and improve your photography skills which is
one of my goals for this year that’s it from me if you have extra book tips
please share thank yo!uNext question: where do you see yourself living in ten
years this question is like in job interviews in big companies when they
ask you where do you see yourself in five years I never know that I used to
answer whatever they wanted to hear but really I don’t know because my life has
changed so much every year so far I have no idea I wouldn’t even guess in six
months so when I see myself in the future-future it’s usually on the beach somewhere sunny I’m never working in
those dreams which is weird because at the same time I don’t plan on retiring
ever I’m trying to build a life where I love what I’m doing so much that I can
keep doing that until I die I don’t see why you would retire from a job if you
like it so it’s totally contradictory and I have
no answer for you I’m sorry… Next question: have you seen any of the
events at the Winter Olympics do you have a favorite event either
participating or spectating hashtag winter themed hashtag Q&A – the hashtag
Q&A I will actually use it next time around it’s very useful to to
recognize the questions for the Q&A within all the comments smart idea thank you
I like rowing because I used to be a rower I like to watch tennis too and in
winter I love the skiing competitions also because you can’t control the
wind or the snow situations so it’s never easy and it’s never the same and
it’s a lot of pressure to take so I’m… I have the highest respect for people in
this kind of sports there is also this 19 year old French girl who performed
there four years ago she was the youngest one in the French team but with
no real chance of a medal this time around she was favourite in skiing
she went through a whole psychological preparation because when you’re the
favorite one starting the finals the pressure is incredible I know that from
doing competitions and I was far from the level she’s playing at she delivered
she got the gold medal like she’s the best in the world
and she’s 19!… and on the podium she was asked so how do you feel and I guess the
interviewer was expecting an answer like I feel great and it’s awesome and I’m
gonna party all night and she answered honestly I’m tired I’m exhausted and I
just want to go to bed… and I thought that’s the most honest answer I’ve ever
heard and you know what you earned it just go to bed 🙂 That’s it everyone this
Q&A is over thank you! thumbs up if you enjoyed this and if
you’re looking forward to the next one which will be this summer! It got pretty
long again but you asked more questions so I want to give you a more elaborate
answer and I trimmed down a lot during editing so that’s the best I could do…
thank you for watching through I’ll see you very soon again and subscribe to
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