I definitely give apple cider vinegar a lot of credit for helping me go from this to this so since I began talking about my weight loss journey on YouTube and giving tips and tricks on how I lost nearly 40 pounds when I was losing that weight there was actually one major thing that I was always doing and I feel like I just have not talked about it enough on this channel drum roll please drinking apple cider vinegar so here are some of the overall benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar a few of the suggested benefits are that it regulates blood sugar levels lowers cholesterol improves skin health reduces blood pressure and of course weight loss it's probably why you click this video right so everyone has their own opinion about apple cider vinegar some people just can't stand the taste and they don't deal with it other people swear by it I happen to be one people that swears by it I can honestly say that I see the difference when I'm consistently drinking apple cider vinegar it's said that it helps boosts your metabolism it helps you burn fat easier they say it affects insulin regulation it may do all those things and it may not but I know that it does two very important things for me that definitely benefited me when losing weight the first thing is this has helped my digestive system tremendously it's a given once you start eating a cleaner diet that your digestive system is going to just run a lot better overall but this just adds like an extra kick I don't want to get like Susie amides who grows but like it really gets things flowing in there I don't know I can't say that this well I just feel like it clears my stomach out like a detox like a natural detox say I went out of town and I was like eating out a lot or whatever I will come home and just make sure I get back to drinking this twice a day and whatever weight I gained or you know if the scale went up a few pounds like it was back to normal and I was back on track like quickly because of this stuff I swear the second reason I love apple cider vinegar is because it helps control my appetite which is why I drink it once in the morning and once at night so in the morning I take it before I eat anything and I feel like it just takes us near throughout the day like I don't feel super starving I eat the calories that I need to for the day and I don't feel crazy you know especially when I'm in a deficit because I'm trying to lose fat and I like to drink it once before I go to bed because I mean at night when you're in like a weight loss phase at night this is probably the time that you're like the most hungry and you want to just eat an extra snack before bed but after drinking apple cider vinegar it really just controls my hunger and I can go to sleep in peace so I'd like to prep my apple cider vinegar drinks on the same day that I do my meal prep I make the drinks in bulk so that they'll be ready to go when I'm ready to drink them so everyone has their own way of making their apple cider vinegar drinks but this is how I make mine I have my 100% lemon juice my apple cider vinegar you need to make sure you get the one that says with the mother if it doesn't have the mother in it it's pretty much useless for what we're trying to do here I have my measuring cups here we go I start off with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice followed by a tables one about what cider vinegar there we're gonna take a half cup of water and that's it I like to prepare my line in mason jars just so know if I can seal them with the top and they're just easy to transport if I need to take it to go with me and there's that final disclaimer apple cider vinegar is not to be confused for a magic potion if you're not doing the work this is not going to save you okay it's just not I told you guys I'm always going to keep it real with you on this channel there's no magic things so just use this as an additional tool don't think it's going to do all the work for you because it's not so you need to still have a clean diet you still need to exercise and this could just hope you reap the benefits a little bit quicker so now I have like seven more jars to fill and when those right now I'll make some warm it's just so much easier to have them ready to go ahead of time so that when you're ready to drink it bottoms up so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful for you if it was don't forget to give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button if you haven't already see you guys in the next one bye