holidays are among guys and I mean lots of food family friends give all this party's CSS you name it and with all of that I definitely have my fair share of cake cookies cam that's what he did some extra butter rabies coca-cola's you name it I definitely angel just much later however your name so I'm going to beat heart and i want to show you everything that I use how I use everything now and so when another fence apart comes around I can go back and indulge and enjoy my time with my friends and families and this is how I do it good morning so the first thing I'm going to be having its hot water with fresh squeezed lemon in it and that's going to be before I even have my breakfast to start my day off another thing I like to do is I like to take a probiotic probiotic and actually puts all the good bacteria into your belly so if I stuff all that bad bacteria especially throughout the day and I believe that everybody should be taking a probiotic this probiotic is specializes in digestive health and also the immunes support and I really like that they have I mean there's so many strands of probiotics and you just have to find the one that works best for you and the digestive and immune health one works best for me Oh my detox cleanser right here this is good i drink this 58 up until my NBC competition for natural detox however the best way to absolutely detox is your water consumption the more water you drink the better your body flushes up everything and it gets rid of everything that you don't need and so how to figure out that water because I actually I don't need to be such a gallon of water to do talk my body what it comes out to is actually around a hundred and eleven ounces for me he talks my body but everybody is very different so how I figured out that number for myself is I took my weight 130 times out by two-thirds waist and or you can use sixty-seven percent so do body weight seven percent that equals the ounces of water that you should be drinking so for me 1 30 times sixty-seven percent equals roughly around 87 ounces I hear about an hour of working out and so for every 30 minutes you should be consuming about 12 ounces on that workout and so that actually brings up to because I do an hour so it's 24 ounces so then that extra brings up my total of water so i might have 11 ounces and that's how much i try to aim and drink to kind of detox and clean my body if i don't work out the day that's fine like I don't have to drink that other 24 ounces and that's all i have for you today if it Jeremy come here friend hi hi now you can't have my tea this is mine you want to have some of your mouth say bye-bye