Exercise, exercise, exercise! Do exercise, some type of exercise It makes me feel better I find that every time I do it Doing this has given me purpose and structure I do exercise every day and I do it as often as I’m not doing something else I’m not a person that’s pumped iron or anything I feel so much better than I did when I arrived here this afternoon I’ve seen the progress I’ve seen my strength increase Get out there and try everything hiking, canoeing, Nordic walking, dancing Whatever it might be Just give it a try Not everybody’s into exercise but they maybe like to go for a walk have a go at badminton or Tai Chi If you can’t stand up and do it sit down and do it There’s a lot of exercises you can do sitting down It builds your confidence you’ve got friends that have got the same as you It really makes a difference I try and make it so it’s a fun atmosphere and I like the carers or partners to come along as well All I know is that exercise has saved my life It’s not been easy and it’s been a long process but I’ve just stuck with it Just find something you enjoy Keep on exercising as much as you can