So we talked about today at the World Economic
Forum at the panel that we hosted and the trust that exists between employers and employees
is extremely strong. It’s probably the most valuable channel to
focus on changing that conversation and moving the dial. So then the question becomes what can you
do now? We talked today about some of the key findings
that Mercer has come across and that engaging employees, having purpose-driven organizations
makes a difference. But I think where we’re shifting towards is
this new social contract we talk about today, a changing workforce, a gig economy, which
we have to be able to support because they have an income that’s not consistent anymore. So that leads to, I think, employers now moving
towards looking at tools, but looking for tools where there’s a one stop shop. So I go into a place where you’ve got access
to solutions, which are access to affordable finance, refinancing high-cost debt, access
to savings, savings pots for those moments that matter in people’s life. And then financial education is the glue that
brings that altogether.