It’s AumSum Time. How does Stress affect our Brain? Just like lollipops affect my tongue. Ohh listen. It turns out that short-term stress is actually
a good thing. When we get stressed, the fear center of our
brain called amygdala. Activates the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal
Axis. This is our central stress system. Which releases hormones and prepares our body
for fight or flight. However, chronic stress can have negative
effects. On our brain. How? Synapses are connections between neurons in
the brain. Which help process and recollect information. Now, one of the hormones released during stress
is cortisol. It is believed that high level of cortisol
leads to gradual loss in synapses. Secondly, prefrontal cortex is associated
with. Social behavior, decision making, etc. Too much cortisol can shrink our prefrontal
cortex. Thus decreasing our ability to interact and
make judgments. Lastly, a study showed that chronic stress. May inhibit the growth of neurons in the hippocampus. Decreasing our ability to learn and remember.