It’s AumSum Time. How do we get Lyme Disease? By drinking 59.264731 liters of lime juice. Nooo. Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium called
Borrelia burgdorferi. Which ticks carry in their gut. But how does this bacterium enter our body? When a tick bites us, it first injects its
saliva. This saliva prevents blood clotting and even
suppresses pain. Thus keeping us unaware of the intrusion. Now, once the saliva is injected, the tick
begins to suck our blood. When our blood enters the tick’s gut, it makes
the bacterium active. Once active. The bacterium travels from the tick’s gut
to its salivary glands. And then it enters into our body. Where it slowly begins to multiply, thus causing
Lyme disease. Now, it is important to note that it takes
at least 24 hours. For the bacterium to travel from the tick’s
gut into our body. Hence, the longer the tick is attached, the more you are at risk.