hi I'm Jordan Rubin and welcome to ancient medicine today brought to you by dr. axe com I'm going to tell you something folks every body needs to pay close attention to this information you need to share this information with everyone you know because this is breaking news we're going to talk today about how diet soda destroys your body and if you've been a consumer of diet soda if you were led to by the lie that diet soda helps you lose weight that diet soda helps your heart helps your blood sugar we're going to teach you how to detox your body from diet soda because guess what folks artificial sweeteners can be as addictive get this as recreational drugs nicotine they can be as addictive as alcohol in fact the doctor in my hometown wrote a several hundred page book on the deleterious effects of diet soda it is not healthy for you in fact diet soda can destroy your body but we're going to teach you why you should avoid it and how to overcome some of the challenges and even break the addiction you do not want to miss this program so let's get started when you consume diet soda not only is it addictive but it can cause damage now these side effects have been reported now folks mind you this is not clinical research this is anecdotal which means human beings reported this and I all by the way think that's very very important so number one depression diet soda can act as a neurotoxin that can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause depression we also see kidney damage reported in the chemical cocktail that is diet soda type two diabetes one of the very diseases that they're trying to prevent can be caused by diet sodas folks think about this you can't fool the body having an artificial sweetener that sweet tastes the body expects energy expects sugar it's not working folks and type 2 diabetes can actually be accelerated cardiovascular disease it's unbelievable what we're seeing as side effects from diet soda here's some others compromised lung so breathing chemicals play a major role in the lungs and here's a big one folks reduced brain defenses now your brain is designed to keep certain things out that's that blood-brain barrier if that barrier which is supposed to keep things in the blood and out of the brain if that weakens you can begin to have neurotoxicity which can lead to something called neuro degeneration which may result in Parkinson's Alzheimer's and dementia folks I'm Jordan Rubin here for ancient medicine today brought to you by dr. axe calm and we're talking about a topic everyone in America needs to pay close attention I travel a lot and I hear on airplanes what people order I usually get water with no ice in case you're wondering but I hear constantly diet soda diet soda diet soda I see children drinking diet soda and I've often said it shouldn't be called diet that's deceiving you should get rid of the T that would more explain what this is doing to us okay so let's talk about the worst ingredients in diet soda several diet sodas have aspartame and aspartame has been reported by individuals to cause the following migraines or serious headaches anxiety multiple sclerosis I have a doctor friend a pediatrician in Atlanta that was diagnosed with MS she went on a healthy diet got rid of artificial sweeteners including diet sodas and is now free of the disease no evidence of lesions multiple sclerosis sounds extreme and it is but neurotoxicity starts that fibromyalgia this is so common in women and diet sweeteners up until recently we're exploding on the scene in fact sugars not great in fact it can be bad as well but sugar consumption actually went down in a year because diet sweeteners were so so popular fibromyalgia is a horrible condition that can be attributed diet soda hearing loss who would have thought diet soda causes so many issues there's not enough time today to talk about it weight gain yes the very thing you're trying to avoid happens when we consume artificial sweeteners there was a study that showed diet soda drinkers are more likely to be obese now the proponents of diet soda would say well that's because they're trying to lose weight folks either way it doesn't make any sense here's a big one brain tumors now we could be talking about malignant or benign but brain tumors have been reported in people that drink diet sodas and I bet you know somebody who drinks six eight or twelve a day why because they're addictive they harm your neurological system epilepsy seizures can be caused by aspartame chronic fatigue syndromes similar to fibromyalgia but just an awful condition and here's a big one folks alzheimers disease remember when you consume neurotoxins they get into your brain and can cause inflammation and major issues and it doesn't stop there lymphoma diabetes arthritis and chemical sensitivities why because you're bombarding your body with man-made chemicals every time you drink that poisonous cocktail now there are also artificial or fake dyes they are carcinogenic contaminants that means they cause abnormal cell growth otherwise known as cancer also in children that consume these dyes you know you read yellow lake number 3 etc ADHD can be attributed hyperactivity is what we used to call it pee and allergy like reactions people are sensitive to these chemicals especially when they're consumed over and over again they are not natural to the body here's another worst ingredient in diet sodas now you may remember this from being a child where you would run an experiment in school where you'd put a nail in soda and due to the phosphoric acid the nail will rust that is the poster child and for oxidative stress major kidney problems can be caused by phosphoric acid and the inability to detox it nutritional deficiencies tissue damage folks look at this one accelerated aging just as a shiny nail can rust when you consume phosphoric acid which is found in all sodas particularly diet sodas you will age faster and tooth enamel erosion folks I don't know why anyone watching would not immediately clean out your fridge of this garbage and send a link to this video to everybody you know because diet sodas can destroy your body but stay tuned we're going to teach you how to detox your body and some alternatives to allow you to switch from diet sodas to something much healthier phosphoric acid this is probably the number one side effect lowers bone density phosphoric acid literally pulls nutrients including calcium out of the bones and imbalances the body's pH here's another one sucralose this was so popular tastes like sugar because it's made from sugar yes sugar and chlorine and what is chlorine do chlorinated sucrose which is sucralose destroys your probiotics which leads to intestinal cramping and bloating I don't care folks what color it comes in pink yellow or blue get off the diet sweeteners and get off the diet sodas okay now there are other compounds in diet sodas bromine related and they're actually similar to flame retardants and what do they cause skin rashes nerve disorders tremors and memory loss they even mimic some of these brain conditions you know people are getting diagnosed with brain diseases neurological diseases and they're really caused by what we're putting in our bodies folks here's the good news if you've consumed diet sodas and you know what thank the Lord I can stand before you today and say I've never had a sip of a diet soda awesome what about yourself if you consume them doctors recommend them I don't blame you advertisements say they're better friends if you've consumed diet sodas or know someone who has let's start to detox from that number one eat smart sweets folks pictured there are cinnamon sticks do you know that those are sweet and delicious without any sugar in fact they do the opposite of what diet sodas do they boost your gut they boost your blood sugar balance they help cleanse your body of imbalances you want to eat smart sweets I love raw honey I think coconut blossoms sugar or coconut nectar is also good maple syrups okay agave is not my favorite but it's not terrible I like stevia and monk fruit if you want to avoid calories and xylitol okay but not great eat smart sweet certainly fruits are great in limited quantities you want to detox your kidneys the best way to do this pretty simple drink more water or cleansing beverages that include dandelion and other herbs milk thistle is actually great for the kidneys as it is for the liver juniper berry is another one and you can use essential oils to detox the kidneys if you've consumed artificial sweeteners load up on probiotics load up on them from foods such as yogurt kefir amasi raw cheese's kombucha kvass apple and coconut vinegars you want to consume sauerkraut kimchi miso natto or take a probiotic that has soil and plant-based microbes you want to repair that gut brain connection how do you do it eat soups and broths bone broth is a great way to seal the gut and seal the brain make some today it will do wonders for you and nature's sweeteners you can find nature's sweetener in green leaves stevia in honey and find it in delicious fruits the less you rely on these super-sweet chemical Laden artificial sweeteners the more you will awaken your taste buds for something really good folks here are options for you to transition from artificial sweeteners diet sodas to other refreshing beverages that are also pleasantly sweet speak in a switch switch switch holes are beverages that contain apple cider vinegar and other compounds now here's the great news the power of sour curbs your cravings for sweets if you're somebody who loves sweets sour can destroy that desire and unlock an amazing health potential switch holes are becoming very popular I'm so excited that apple cider vinegar which was pioneered by dr. Jarvis later Paul Bragg is now the it beverage it's great with its organic acids with its probiotics great for your blood sugar great for your digestion so consume switch 'el coconut water is amazing as well coconut water has electrolytes potassium sodium a little bit of magnesium and calcium it's pleasantly sweet it is a real food kombucha is wonderful as well make it at home buy it at your local health food or grocery store kombucha has probiotics organic acids enzymes is sweet but also sour you know what I love sparkling mineral water I love mixing sparkling mineral water with a little lemon juice a little honey or some raw juices it is awesome it is like a soda start out half sparkling mineral water and a half raw or fresh juice and then begin to decrease the juice you know what my kids love fresh-squeezed orange juice and sparkling mineral water really really good Apple is amazing as well folks I'm Jordan Rubin and we are coming to the conclusion of our episode of ancient medicine today where we're talking about how diet soda destroys your body and a diet soda detox and great alternatives I promise you we've done some amazing programs but none are more important than this if you believe that diet sodas and artificial sweeteners can destroy your health and I've heard dozens of testimonials aloe medical doctor from where I grew up said that he has treated hundreds of patients from aspartame and sucralose addiction and he says it is harder to break than recreational drugs than alcohol nicotine it's amazing caffeine etc so if you know or love somebody who consumes diet sweeteners even if they're in one of the remote areas of the US that hasn't really caught on to the health trends we see that a lot where certain places in the South certain places in the central us are less likely to shop at health food stores they're more likely to buy into the fads that big food wants you to believe in send this link to them say listen I want you to hear what diet soda might be doing I want you to understand this because I care about you I love you please share this message it is super critical that people hear about this so kids can get off these things adults the elderly we want to preserve our brain and our body and the best way to do it is to stop poisoning ourselves with diet sodas so folks here's our recap look at all those horrific side effects that you'll get from consuming diet sodas we're talking about depression kidney issues type-2 diabetes cardiovascular disease we're talking about lung issues weakened brain defense and here's what you want to avoid aspartame food coloring and chemical dyes phosphoric acid which is in all soda rusts a nail and it rusts your insides sucralose and any type of brominated substance which is actually similar to a flame retardant but here's what we need to do we need to eat smart sweets detox the kidneys remember we talked about drinking water and teas you want to boost your probiotic content with foods and supplements repair that gut brain connection with bone broth collagen etc consume nature's sweeteners honey coconut sugar maple syrup dates sugar or some zero calorie zero sugar sweeteners such as stevia and monkford or low hon Guo and here's what you do instead of consuming diet sodas try switch all you can make recipes for it right on dr. axe calm coconut water as well kombucha which we also will teach you how to make and why it's good on dr. axe calm and sparkling mineral water mixed with a little bit of juice maybe a little stevia maybe a little honey folks I'm Jordan Ruben here for ancient medicine today and our program exists to give you powerful information that you can use to transform your body from the inside out and the health of your entire family you're not just a viewer you are part of our army so if you enjoyed this message I know for some of you it was a hard pill to swallow make sure to share it with those that you know drink diet sodas or consume artificial sweeteners together we can begin to change the way those big companies produce foods and you want to go ahead and do your best each and every day to keep the bad out of your body get the good in and remember dr. axe com has hundreds of articles expanded information on many of the subjects we touched on today great recipes and make sure if you're not subscribed to this channel whether it's Facebook or YouTube subscribe because we're here every day sometimes multiple times a day helping you make health and wellness your foundation with practical ways to transform your health one bite one sip one meal one day at a time I'm Jordan Reuben god bless you and see you next time