[Applause] one two three four good go quick pop pop pop for good one two three five good six whoa cool write down push it push it at one with h2co3 quickly pop do it one two three go – lets go good good one Walker two three one two three one go two good three go quick now do things right up down one to go two legs good go good good go quick change good get up your world good go right down right now go good hey hey turn turn Gosei cool right front down snap do it up one more go turn it around once to go punch it up good go mouth three time oh yeah lift lift go 1 2 rice balance bang yes let's go write down quick lick lick lick lick what – sweet good go one two rise up great right that's good flow oh good pop drop it good good good good good come on go go [Applause] all right last last to go as hard as you can just like protein come on oh good get off it tough smack good go stick it get up quick whoa get there what's it good get back good your world kid your world I mean I could do that too all you're gonna do is gonna float into a same way drop your hips and be explosive up timing on your pick up and your foot you're just gonna flow right I'm right into that right you got to make three so it's three three three three everything's off your left hand okay hold that one drop the hips heavy [Applause] better three four there we go go [Applause] I like that go go ahead last set go go hop up decent piece is going good good full replacement good yes [Applause] [Applause] Oh Hey [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]