Hey! I’m Clint from Flaman Fitness, today
I’m going to show you how a vibration trainer works. Vibration training is
performing exercises, holding positions, or stretching, while the entire body is
being vibrated by a machine called the vibration trainer. Vibration causes your
muscles to either passively activate, or activate to stabilize your body, which is
great for maintaining balance. Some vibration trainers vibrate laterally,
some vibration trainers vibrate horizontally. This machine oscillates,
which is great for beginners or people seeking recovery. Vibration training
enacts more muscles at once, since the body tries to stabilize itself, thus
helping with body symmetry and of course symmetry is health. Vibration training is
great for warm-up, as it increases blood flow to the muscle. Increased blood flow
is also increased oxygen levels in the blood, stimulating the mind and
quickening the body’s repair and toxin removal. It is also great for lower back
health, it stimulates the muscle in your lower back, an area that the human body
has a tough time communicating with. It passively activates the area which
stimulates healing. If you haven’t tried a vibration trainer give it a go,
and I challenge you not to smile. At Flaman Fitness we want to help you reach
your goals and today’s the day you can start for more videos like this one
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