The Wellness Hotel Katalin, one of the most beautiful hotel of Keszthely Bay has chosen the solution of TP-Link Omada to serve the wireless network needs of both the guests and the staff. In the case of Wellness Hotel Katalin we had the advantage that we was thinking in TP-Link devices from the start however, thanks to our council a solution was made where guests can connect to a single network as well as the inner network users and even the smart televisions found in the rooms. We get constant feedback from guests adressing the Wi-Fi network which are mostly positives ones sometimes help needed in technical issues like to help set the passwords maybe or similar problems like that occour. We had a bath expansions built in March 2019 where a 40 meter long giant slide and a smaller spiral slide was placed too. We’ve chosen the EAP solution for this bath too. Here of course the EAP remains unseen for it has been installed beneath drywall suspended ceilings where 320 EAPs provide Wi-Fi to guests. The building of the apartments was renewed by June 2019, and was expanded by a new floor. Until recently apartments did not have air conditioning nor had elevator. We have implemented these changes and we provide services at a four star level to our guests. Because of that, naturally the modernisation of the Wi-Fi was alongside the upgrades and just as with the Hotel we’ve chosen the EAP system. In the hotel more than 200 guests can use wireless Internet simultaneously at the same time. Walking through corridors or even step out to open pool areas with not a single moment of wireless connection loosing while doing so.