(upbeat music) – It’s great, look at these treadmills. (upbeat music) All right, we’ve got our treadmills. Another one of my favourite
tools in our toolbox. Here’s what I love about treadmills, you don’t have to be in
the mindset of working out. You can come down here with
jeans on and running shoes and a book and be okay
walking really slowly on a treadmill, all the
way up to feeling like you want to attack the world and do wind sprints on an incline. You can walk, you can
run, you can do incline, you can do flat, you can be intense, or you can just take it easy. Why don’t we begin. So Rich, I’m gonna have you put yours up to six miles an hour and Ryan, I’m gonna have you walk but I’m gonna have you walk at an incline. So let’s put this all the way up to six. Perfect. Oh I love that. Perfect. So you’re moving at a
low impact form of cardio right now, there’s not a lot of pounding. Your body’s not bouncing up and down. And Rich, you’re workin’ it. – Workin’ it. – You’re goin’. The elliptical’s also one of my favourite pieces of equipment in the gym. Number one it has a low
rate of perceived exertion. Which means it doesn’t feel difficult and studies show that exercises that feel a little easier,
you’re more likely to do for a longer period of time and therefore you’re likely
to burn more calories. The second is it’s a
non-impact form of cardio. So it’s really easy on your joints, if you have a bad back, knees, or feet. Sometimes an elliptical’s the
perfect form of cardio for you and last but not least,
it comes in two forms. It comes in a lower body format, where the upper body is fixed and the second is a total
body format with movable arms. Both make for a great
variations on an incredible piece of gym equipment. (upbeat music)