When I think about what it means to be
part of BJC, I think about being part of a team of 31,000 caregivers who are
passionate and get up every day to do what they can to improve the health of
our communities – one individual, one patient, one family at a time. – I think the mission matters and we have a chance to serve a higher purpose here. I feel proud to work at BJC because we have such an opportunity to impact people all over the world. – 31,000 – that’s a big number. – I love the fact that we can connect and
help our frontline staff and our nurses take care of the patients. – I feel like every day is a new challenge, which I enjoy. – The work we do is hard, it can be, it can
be kind of grueling. – And medicine isn’t just a pill, it’s also for the soul and your support system. We can help provide that for people
that may not have it anywhere else. – I chose BJC because I was looking to be
a part of something bigger than myself. – We all kind of have that same bond and
connection to service. – We celebrate Hospital Week because we want to celebrate everyone throughout the BJC HealthCare system. – Why not?
Why shouldn’t you celebrate it? – It’s a privilege for us to take care of our
community and to ensure that our communities can keep growing and can be
healthy, and we should absolutely celebrate everybody who is a part of that. – It’s important to recognize those many parts that make up our whole system. – I’ve worked in other industries and my standard was “Well, it’s not life or death,”
but here, it truly is. And Hospital Week gives us an opportunity to
celebrate our heroes. – As we celebrate Hospital Week, I’d like to ask everyone to pause, recharge
your batteries, take stock in what it is you do each and every day to improve the
health of our community. Pat each other on the back and say thank you. – We wish everyone a very happy Hospital Week. – Happy Hospital Week. – Happy Hospital Week. – A very happy Hospital Week. – I want to wish everybody a happy Hospital Week. – Happy Hospital Week. – I’d like to wish everyone… – Happy Hospital Week and thanks for all
you do. – We, together, are having an impact. – We, together, as part of BJC, are
improving the health and the well-being of our communities each and every day.
And, for that, I thank you, and for that, the entire Leadership Team and Board of BJC thank you.