My name is Demani Barnes; I’m from
Tallahassee Florida My major is Sports and Exercise Science
I’m a senior at the University of Central Florida. What brought me to UCF
was the football program at first. I was given the opportunity to walk on and after
football didn’t really work out I was able to focus on my academics. Through my guidance counselor I found out about the Honors in the Major program.
I’m studying the physical activity and psychosocial with children with autism
spectrum disorder, also known as ASD, and what we want to do is study their
physical activity figure out if they’re meeting the requirements of physical
activity recommendation and their sleep quality. There’s a lot of studies out
there that want to know how does physical activity benefit their children
with ASD and how does it affect their development, and since I’m partaking with
the research along to that a lot of doctors, a lot of parents, care about it. My advice to students who believe that
their research isn’t relevant to the Honors in the Major or as a whole is that
everything is integrated, so there’s not a major that’s more important than the
other, like everything is critical. So the big misconception about the
Honors in the Major program is that it’s not feasible and you can’t balance it
between your regular classes and have a social life as well. If you pretty much
prioritize things, use a calendar or a planner, any technique to better your time
management; you can balance everything. It is possible, I promise you.